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Highs and lows: that's what draws us to football

Come on Mikel – First team places at The Arsenal have to be earned

              The Fanbase is willing you to make this work We have your back after that other berk It’s like homegrown talent, a fact well known: Supporters are more patient with one of their own   We know financially you have one arm tied behind your back We know […]

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Angel Gabriel’s Divine Contribution – Player Performance Review and Ratings

    This was a fine start to the season. Yes, it was only Fulham, and there will be harder tests ahead. All the same, we controlled the game from the off and looked resolute throughout. Despite the changes in the brief close season, with Gabriel and Willian incoming, it was to some extent more […]

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Lacazette – Should he stay or go? The Pros and Cons set out.

Is it now Lacazette to Lacagoals?   Has our once record singing been a flop? Is it time for him to go?     Alexandre Lacazette has been an enigmatic player at Arsenal. He joined in the summer of 2017, and at last, we had a top striker to seemingly replace Giroud and outdo Danny […]

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A Magnificent 7 Thoughts to get you thinking and really excited for the return of The Arsenal!

7 Arsenal Thoughts  Starting to get excited now! Have you had these thoughts too?….  1)  Arsenal have a few advantages that many haven’t noticed yet. We are about to play summer football for the first time. I would imagine that those teams with mainly British players eg; Sheffield Utd, may struggle as British folk are […]

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