Football Betting: Reasons Why It Will Be Hard to Predict The Outcome Of The Premier League

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Football Betting: Reasons Why It Will Be Hard to Predict The Outcome Of The Premier League

Finally, football is back! These four words are what all football fans have been longing for, and it was quite great seeing Bundesliga players back on the pitch a few weeks ago. With the Premier League expected to resume on the 17th of June, the Spanish and Italian football are also already in action.

Arsenal will be back on Wednesday against Manchester City, who are second on the Premier League table. What does this mean for gamblers? Leo Vegas are ready for the return of the Premier League and football betting. However, it’s going to be very difficult to predict the outcome of the Premier League with ten matches remaining to play.

Here is why:

  1. Lack of Fans Could Prove Vital

There’s no denying that football will be different after the restart following the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditionally, home teams have always had a boost from the fans, which usually has an impact on the results. This time around, though, the home advantage factor has been compromised. If the Bundesliga results are anything to go by, then it’ll be quite tough to predict the outcome of any match regardless of the teams’ league positions.

Of course, many factors might impact the German league’s results. But the fact that away teams have scored more goals than the home teams so far is quite interesting. Initially, there was a suggestion that the remaining Premier League matches be played on a neutral ground. Those opposing this move are of the opinion that it would cost them the familiarity of the stadium.

Emotions usually play a role in the game, and any visiting team in the Premier League can attest to that. The energy of the fans always raises the spirits of the players, and this is what will be missing in the next ten matches.

Virtual fans in La Liga are currently used to improve the atmosphere in stadiums. But will that be enough? At least it brings about some beat of realism, but it won’t have much impact on the results.

Most people usually use the home advantage as part of their football betting decisions. That trick could be misleading this time round, but we might know the pattern three or so matches into the remaining nine games.

  1. Race for The European Spot

Liverpool is already the champions-elect. But there’s a huge battle going on with several teams fighting for the European position. The top 15 teams are close on points, which means there’s still a lot to be played for. As it stands, Chelsea in 4this only eight points ahead of the 9th -placed Arsenal. As such, the battle for the European spots is going to be quite interesting with Arsenal still in the race for the top 4.

So, if you’re planning to bet on the final positions, then this might not be the best time to invest – or maybe it is, depending on how you look at it. With the leader almost confirmed and Manchester City firmly in the second position, it seems all eyes will be on who’ll qualify for next season’s Champions League and Europa League.

As if it was not difficult enough four months ago, the Coronavirus pandemic has made this race even more unpredictable.

  1. Every Team’s Form was Disrupted

As seen from regular international breaks in the Premier League, teams usually react differently after the break. Arsenal, for instance, was picking form in the league having won three consecutive matches at home against Newcastle, Everton, and West Ham United. Manchester United, Wolves, Sheffield United, and Crystal Palace are other teams that were having a decent run of results before the pandemic struck.

Tottenham Hotspurs, on the other hand, is among several teams that were having a poor run of results in the league. Having picked up only one point in their last three games, the league’s postponement couldn’t have come at a better time. Whether their form will change once the season resumes remains to be seen.


Which teams will start off on the right foot? It’s hard to put your money on any outcome for the rest of the season but the first two or three matchdays could be key.

The Premier League is one of the most surprising in the world and this season could be one of a kind. Since all matches will be played behind closed doors, the lack of fans could play a vital role in the outcome. This, coupled up with the fact that most teams are close on points, will make football betting a nightmare for anyone.


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