Mourinho takes the bait – Deja Vu, nah, heard it all before!!

Deja Vu, nah, heard it all before

At his latest press conference, Maureen was asked about a tweet posted on Arsenal’s twitter account.


“So, Mo, did you see the tweet posted on Thursday.  ‘It’s not easy beating Sheffield United at Bramall Lane… here’s how it’s done’. 

Do you have any comments?”


Well, you know my thoughts about Arsene, he has a real problem with us, and I think he is what you call, a voyeur. Wenger must be one of them, it’s a sickness”

“What the hell are you on about?”

“You know he is a specialist in failure. Years without a trophy, that’s failure “

“Oh god, he’s off on one again….”

And he can speak about referees, he can push people in the technical area, he can moan, he can cry and what happens, nothing. Me, I get fined, it’s not fair.”


“Jesus obsessed much. Maureen, you do know Arsene, left Arsenal nearly 2 years ago now? He probably hasn’t given you a second thought.”


“Really, oh, well, um, (the Spuds press secretary leans in and whispers into Maureen’s ear). Err, I don’t believe it was Arsene, sorry, Arteta, that posted it. It was, you know,  (as he hurriedly gets up from his chair), probably some guy that’s been, well, working at home for the last three months, (and as he rushes out of the door, he shouts back) but you tell him, next week, I’ll be waiting for him and Arsene.”

Wenger looking only for 'special' players

Jog on Maureen, it’s called BANTER

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