A Case For Cloning: why Arsenal could do with 3 Thomas Parteys. Plus + 3 Predictions for Christmas.

I wish there were 3

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At some point, maybe soon, Arsenal will play with a three man midfield.

It may be that we choose 3 actual midfielders or it may be that when we pause the TV we see 3 players in midfield much like when Saka and AMN play, or when Hector is inverted.

A 3 man midfield should have 3 different types of qualities…. a specialist in destroying, a specialist in play making and a specialist in breaking lines either on or off the ball or both.

A typical example would be N’didi, Thiago Alcantara and Kevin De Bruyne (on ball), Aaron Ramsey (off ball).

ndidi matip

Ndidi Destroying Matip (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)




Thiago Twinkle Toes Alcantara


Kevin de Bruyne on the ball


Every once in a while you find a player that can do more than one quality and excel in it. The impressive Joshua Kimmich can play make and destroy as can William Carvalho.



Kimmich – UEFA Defender of The Season 2020



Apparently a £20m Arsenal bid couldn’t free him from Lisbon

On the very rare occasion you find a player that can do all three. I was watching France destroy the Ukraine 7-1 and oh boy, what fun it is to watch arguably the best 17 yr old in world football, Eduardo Camivinga. 


Eduardo camivinga

Camavinga a revelation for Les Bleus

He is the DM at Rennes who is starting for the most competitive national team in the world. 

He is statistically elite at passing, tackling and in take ons. 

Cross your fingers that the picture below (zoom in) gives us the edge if we choose to go head to head with Real Madrid and PSG for his services next summer.

The other player in World Football that can do all three has just signed for Arsenal.



Watch this 2 minute clip…

Many think that Thomas Partey is simply an athletic DM.

The truth is that he has played in 4 positions in his professional career. He has played right wing whilst at Almeria and Right Back, DM and Box to Box at Atletico Madrid.

So, what’s his specialty and where should he play? 

Well, if you played for one of the best teams in the world and these stats (below) were what you were producing then I’m not sure you put him in a ‘DM box.’

My understanding is that as part of his discussions with Mikel Arteta, he asked that he be ‘let off the leash’ and not be restricted to holding the middle. If that’s accurate and going by the stats above and the hugely impressive video too, then Arsenal are in for a treat.

Regardless, I think he will play box-to-box in a 2- or 3-man midfield in order to use his full skill set. 


When you watch Thomas Partey, who do you see? Are you willing to say what you see?

I tell you who I see when I watch Thomas Partey. 

I see Patrick Vieira.



Vieira could destroy. He had a wide passing range. He could most certainly run with the ball or end up in the box on the end of moves. As an extra, he had such a light touch when beating defenders whilst running at full speed and he could also shoot from long range.

Arsenal fans are shy to say it or not willing to believe it, but Thomas Partey is mighty similar when allowed to be. Watch that video again ⬆️

My prediction is that by Christmas we will have come to three conclusions….

  1. Thomas Partey is better than every midfielder that we have in every area.
  2. He will make us see how good ‘good’ really is.
  3. When deciding who we need to upgrade in the other two midfield positions that he isn’t playing, that we wish there were 3 Thomas Partey’s.



Hasn’t played in the Premier League?


He’s played against the best team in the Premier League though, and he did this ⬇️

Let your eyes rule, and say what you see.

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3 Responses to A Case For Cloning: why Arsenal could do with 3 Thomas Parteys. Plus + 3 Predictions for Christmas.

  1. Francis Redemi October 8, 2020 at 8:32 am #

    Hello and thanks for the post.

    I read your posts only once. That is once again and again.

    Love your analysis and breakdown of Partey without shading other Arsenal players.

    Coming from Nigeria, your live for Ndidi is really something. Although, top teams don’t have a specialist destroyer maybe that’s why he’s not being looked at. Kante is in the same conundrum as top teams want to dominate possession and opponents. Until Ndidi improves in creativity and breaking the lines, he would always play just that level below the top teams.

    Thanks again.

  2. Francis Redemi October 8, 2020 at 8:47 am #

    Hello again, what are your thoughts on the failure to get Aouar and the loan departures of Guendouzi and Torreira? Do you see Guendouzi as someone who can break the lines or carry the ball whilst not a destroyer?
    Do you think Guendouzi still has a future with us?

  3. Victor Thompson October 10, 2020 at 11:31 pm #

    Very jnformative as usual Mike. I shall be watching our midfield with great interest now.

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