Over the moon or Overmars, Stan and Josh talk dosh.

After grabbing a wild card entry, the LA Rams failed to make an impression on the NFL Play offs and ended the season empty handed, again.

Short armed Stan, looking to generate more funds to bank roll he favourite (American) football franchise, zoomed in Josh in for a meeting to talk moola.


Stan; “ Howdy son, I need some dosh and I need it fast. The Rams need a a new Quarter-back, a new Running-back and a Punter and y’all know they don’t grow trees. That soccer team I gave you to manage, makes more money than it needs to survive, you need to wire some over this side of the pond”

Josh; “But Pa, we’ve got no fans in the stadiums, we are sitting mid table and just aren’t generating any revenue. Where do you expect me to pull this out of? … we just don’t have any!”


Stan; “Well, when Arsene was boss, they had no money, cos they had to stump up the cash for the new stadium. So I told him to sell the best players and I’d give him anything that was left over (which was nothing, I had to take my cut you know).
So he sold some guy called Cesc and someone known as RVP and I made the money I needed…”

Josh; “Well, Edu and Mikel have offloaded Mesut, Sokratis and Mustafi, which has saved about £30 mil a year. Isn’t that enough?”


Stan; “Hell no, I need more”

Josh; “ But, but, how?”

Stan; “Ya know I was talking to John W. Henry and ya know he told me about ‘The Boot room’ and ya know we implemented this with Edu and Mikel. Well, I’ve heard about this other guy who used to play for Arsenal, Marc Overthemoon”

Josh; “You mean Overmars 🤦”


Stan; “Don’t get cocky son. Yeah, him. He’s at Ajax. It’s a team in Holland, not a cleaning product, or that’s what they told me anyway. He is renowned for getting in players cheap and selling them for massive profits.
I mean, he brought Frankie De Jong for €1 and sold him for €75million and Davinson Sanchez came in for €5million and was offloaded for £45mil. That’s the numbers I need.
You’ve got until then end of the season to sort it, so get to it”

Josh; “Yes dad”

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One Response to Over the moon or Overmars, Stan and Josh talk dosh.

  1. MAXCAT February 14, 2021 at 9:24 pm #

    Who is more fun? Stan and Josh Kroenke or Jerry and Stephen Jones.
    Ohh the sheer joy of being Arsenal/Cowboys supporter…deserve a medal.

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