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Sell Up or Front Up Now, Stan!

As the football world tries to come to terms with the implications of this week’s failed football coup – Gunner Town’s Dave Seager adds his thoughts on what how Arsenal fans can address the obvious issues with its current ownership. (Note – this post was written before the Fans Forum meeting with Josh Kroenke last […]

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The 90 Minute Commercial: predictable Arsenal display proves what we already know – Gunners lack creativity. [Positive Needs & Hopes]

The 90 minute commercial Sometimes I wonder why Coca Cola bother with advertising. Where I live many people call any fizzy drink ‘a Coke.’ That’s when you know you’ve got a successful product, right? The Villa game was an inadvertent 90 minute commercial for the bleeding obvious…. that Arsenal need a creative player or two.  […]

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“Remember who you are, what you are and who you represent.” #WeCareDoYou chimes in.

    The #WeCareDoYou Campaign, (an ‘umbrella group’ representing a large swathe of Arsenal Supporter Groups and blogs, including Gunners Town) released an extremely successful statement in the summer addressing a number of concerns facing Arsenal fans. The statement received broad press coverage, and a petition supporting the statement received 100,000 signatures in a matter […]

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