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Herbert Chapman

#ChapmansHat and why it should matter to Arsenal’s billionaire owner

How do you place value on history? The Arsenal is more than a club. It is a living, breathing monument to the men and women who carefully and passionately carried it through times of great prosperity and incredible hardship. Rightfully proud of its history, its traditions and its deep connection to the generations of loyal […]

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The fruits of patience: Club, Owner, Manager and Fans poised for Arsenal success [WAT 2-3 ARS]

The fruits of patience We are now in a position where our relationship with Arsene Wenger can be purely romantic.  We don’t have to remember the frustrations. We can rewind to the first 10 years and see his legacy with the fog of the recent past subsided. We remember not only the titles but how […]

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Chief Whip? Josh Kroenke with Gazidis and Sir Chips

A case for stability: Is The Kroenke Way all that bad in a chaotic world?

Football’s link to money has been well-documented. From highly paid players to mega-money buyouts, our beloved sport has become more about business than ever before. While there are indeed many success stories for risk takers in both business and football, it is often a measured approach made by the most successful people. Perhaps it’s worth […]

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Apathy, Arrogance, Naivety have caused Arsenal’s Demise – It’s the time to ‘Act not Talk!’

  The saying goes, “It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better.”  Towards the end of Wenger’s reign, the majority of Arsenal fans weren’t naïve to the fact that things may have to ‘get worse’ before the glory days returned, but there was a general belief that they would return […]

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Has Covid Changed The Way We Are Fans?

I ask this only due to all the goings on recently with fans in Manchester storming into Old Trafford and making tits of themselves. Bringing the wrong kind of publicity towards a cause all the fans want.  Arsenal fans turned up in numbers and put on a great show of solidarity to protest before the […]

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Sell Up or Front Up Now, Stan!

As the football world tries to come to terms with the implications of this week’s failed football coup – Gunner Town’s Dave Seager adds his thoughts on what how Arsenal fans can address the obvious issues with its current ownership. (Note – this post was written before the Fans Forum meeting with Josh Kroenke last […]

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Over the moon or Overmars, Stan and Josh talk dosh.

After grabbing a wild card entry, the LA Rams failed to make an impression on the NFL Play offs and ended the season empty handed, again. Short armed Stan, looking to generate more funds to bank roll he favourite (American) football franchise, zoomed in Josh in for a meeting to talk moola. Stan; “ Howdy […]

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Don’t let the Billionaires destroy our game with their European Super League!

I’ve written on this subject on a number of occasions. However I feel so strongly about this I phoned the club to tell them exactly how I felt about the prospect of a European Super League (ESL) and all that entails. I know that call means nothing to Arsenal Football Club and I was only […]

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The 90 Minute Commercial: predictable Arsenal display proves what we already know – Gunners lack creativity. [Positive Needs & Hopes]

The 90 minute commercial Sometimes I wonder why Coca Cola bother with advertising. Where I live many people call any fizzy drink ‘a Coke.’ That’s when you know you’ve got a successful product, right? The Villa game was an inadvertent 90 minute commercial for the bleeding obvious…. that Arsenal need a creative player or two.  […]

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As Arsenal flounders, remember the fish rots from the head: KSE out! out! out!

Arsene Wenger, our most successful manager ever, left in 2018. Unai Emery couldn’t resolve the bad defending and weak mentality of the latter Wenger period, and he left in Nov. 2018. Ivan Gazidis, the former club CEO, is now Chief Executive at AC Milan. Arteta is now in, and thus far it’s OK. And the […]

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