Arsenal top the Christmas tree as ‘top’ cundits have their say…


“Enjoy the easy start, you have no chance of winning the Premier League” ~ Stan Collymore


9 points from 12 in top 6 games !!

“Arsenal have achieved nothing, Tottenham are on a different level. The experience of Conte is going to get the better of Arteta. Arteta makes mistakes in big moments. Conte doesn’t make them mistakes. Conte has got Arteta’s number, one million per cent” ~ Jamie O’Hara


Were you alive when you last won a title?

“Manchester City will win the Premier League by 10-15 points this season. I’ve seen It before when you’ve got a team that’s so exceptional, we had that a few times with Manchester United when I was playing. Arsenal just haven’t got it in them to go all the way to challenge the top team.” ~ Gary Neville

Gary Neville

As always, crowbarred United into his story

“I was impressed how Arsenal played but let’s have a little reality check, it wasn’t even Chelsea’s first-team” ~ Rio Ferdinand


And no mention of United! How did that happen?

And finally, from everybody’s favourite grudge bearer, ‘hanging out’ with the sheiks…

“Arsenal have defeated Palace, Leicester, Bournemouth and Fulham. It’s not one of the bigger teams, is it.

They won’t win anything.” ~ Richard Keys


Yes Richard, we know you hate Mikel

Whatever the ‘experts’ say:

We are The Arsenal and we will be there to the bitter end.


Bring on the pressure.

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One Response to Arsenal top the Christmas tree as ‘top’ cundits have their say…

  1. bathgooner November 13, 2022 at 7:57 pm #

    Love it!

    Their negativity betrays not only their hate but moreover their fear.

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