The Dark Side Of The Game – Pink Floyd classic album art re-imagined to protest FIFA’s anti-discrimination hypocrisy

Dark Side Of The Game - Batmandela

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” artwork re-imagined by Batmandela

A picture speaks a thousand words, right?

If FIFA truly wanted to be a ‘force for good in the world’, then they could have had the balls to at least insist that Captains be allowed to wear the “1 Love” anti-discrimination armbands, as originally planned.

Instead, national federations were informed that players who wore the (controversial?!) armband would be sanctioned – yellow-carded or even forced to leave the field of play – and not fined (which is the usual form of punishment for ‘kit violations’.)

Let’s be absolutely clear on this: it is FIFA that imposed this ban. Not Qatar. FIFA. Despite the fact that FIFPRO – FIFA’s global Professional Footballers Union, which represents 65000 professional footballers worldwide, issuied the following statement on Twitter:

FIFA President Gianni “I’m gay” Infantino reiterated his LGBTQI+ support saying, “I have been speaking about this subject with the country’s highest leadership. They have confirmed, and I can confirm that everyone is welcome. If anyone says the opposite, well it’s not the opinion of the country and it’s certainly not the opinion of FIFA.”

Welcome, unless you’re wearing a rainbow on your T-shirt it seems:

It’s the above tweet that got me thinking: if I wore my favorite Pink Floyd “Dark Side Of The Moon” tee to a game at FIFA’s 2022 World Cup in Qatar – would I be allowed entry to the stadium?

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon tee

What happens if there is an actual rainbow in Qatar? Are citizens told not to look directly at it – like a solar eclipse? Oh. Wait. It doesn’t rain in Qatar. Qataris have probably never seen a real live rainbow.

My re-imagination of the Pink Floyd DSOTM album cover is an attempt to distill the discourse around FIFA’s hypocritical stance on discrimination as it has related to this World Cup into a simple image… The Pink Floyd “Dark Side Of The Moon” album covers an almost-perfect metaphor – a tweak or two and it would say exactly how I feel.

This isn’t the time to ask how and why the tournament is being held in Qatar. We know why: FIFA was (is?) a corrupt organization whose ExCo accepted bribes and kickbacks to award Qatar the tournament. As Jurgen Klopp pointed out – the time to protest that was then, not now.

I am not going to go into any more depth regarding discrimination, human rights records, migrant treatment, season disruption, hypocrisy and corruption. Journalists far more capable than I have written millions of words on these issues.

I just wanted to take a brilliant and iconic 70’s album cover and re-imagine it to say how I perceive the issue.

I hope it gives food for thought.

If you’d like to share it on social media, or use it as a Twitter/Facebook header – please feel free to do so. A hat-tip would be nice but isn’t essential. 🙂

Click on either image to open it in a new tab, where you are free to download the image. The version below is just the graphic, without the circle of text, for ease of placement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. 🙂

Dark-Side-Batmandela-ALT2048x2048 1

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” artwork re-imagined by Batmandela


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