10 questions and 10 answers after the heartbreaking Man City loss



Why must we always miss a guilt edge chance when the games in balance?

Why must we always concede only a few minutes after we miss a guilt edge chance?

Why must we always give away goals for free to teams that don’t need any help from us?

Why must we always have important players missing when playing the biggest games?

Why must we always lose against Man City?

Why must we always ignore game-state and do risky things at the back that cost us?

Why didn’t we put pressure on Man City from the 46th minute onwards when their fullbacks were on yellows?

Why didn’t Ederson got sent off for 2 yellow card offences?

Why do we only make like for like substitutions and change nothing?

Why is the narrative that we are bottling it when few external people believed we were good enough to be here?


We may have won a few big games this season but at the very highest level we are still a bit short

The reason Man City bought Haaland wasn’t to play better, it was to score goals from nothing. If we had Osimhen up front we would have gone 1-0 up from the header no doubt

Martinelli and Nketiah ain’t a combo, so while Jesus is out either Nketiah goes out of the team or Martinelli, we cant have two attackers not playing with each other

Xhaka has lost his special juice. He doesn’t perform the same role he did 1st half of the season, and is therefore not as vital at this moment in time

Odegaard dissapears a little in big games, and he hasn’t scored for a while. Usually when someone is off another steps up. But the problem is, no one is stepping up right now, hence the results

If there was a battle between White and Tomiyasu for the RB position, White won. I got all the love in the world for Tomi but White has won that fight

We have found out that Saliba and Gabriel are young centrebacks, what do you know, what a shocker, They can make mistakes! (Irony)

Jorginho is a good player and way more suited to be Parteys backup than Elneny and Lokonga ever were. And he can play with Xhaka too. It wasn’t that defensive combo that led to the loss

Zinchenko wears his heart on his sleave and we all love him. But he is playing some proper hero-ball right now and I dont know if that is helping matters much

Trossard is one of the few in the team that’s buzzing right now, and he deserves to start games for that reason alone. We are in a slump and we need confident players to get us up again


But hey! You win some and you lose some. We are still joint top with a game in hand. If we can win our next few games and get that 3 point gap, wouldnt you have taken that situation during the WC break that we would come into march top of the table with a 3 point gap over City? I know I would.

But we will all have to be together now, no time to feel sorry for ourselves, I see Arsenal fans fighting on social media, stop that shit, lets get back to winning ways at Villa and keep our focus on the title challenge ahead. COYG!

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2 Responses to 10 questions and 10 answers after the heartbreaking Man City loss

  1. Dennis the Menace February 16, 2023 at 2:42 pm #

    I took some real positives from that game: we have a backup to Partey that we can have confidence in; we are better at controlling the midfield than City (City had to change their style to beat us and make the game a much less free-flowing affair in the second half); we created some really good chances inside their box in the first half; and if we just cut out the mistakes, we’d have at least got a draw.

  2. Francis Redheart February 16, 2023 at 3:57 pm #


    I love your positive outlook because when we have played the same amount of games as City, that’s when we can really start the push for the title.

    It’s a huge credit to us that Ederson was time-wasting in the first half! That’s the ultimate compliment.

    I also feel it’s time Arteta controls himself more on the touchline. KdB shoving my manager is a bit low and Arteta deserved the shove.

    I guess that comes with his young age and his young team.

    Whatever happens at the end of the season, it’s better to be in the title conversation than to be pushing for 7th

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