Saka Star-boy: Public Enemy Number 1

Since Little Chilli burst onto the scene 4 seasons ago, teams have struggled to deal with his pace, guile and all round sheer genius.

However, since the restart after the World Cup, it has become clear that a combined tactic has been adopted to stop Star-boy in his tracks.

Through my covert contact, I have obtained a copy of the minutes from the AGM of a secret society known as WHELKS (We’re Here, Everyone Let’s Kick Saka) and it makes interesting reading.


Right boys, you saw how France and Upamecano dealt with the so called ‘Star-boy’, who are you gonna send out to ‘impede’ him?



I’ve got this Aussie guy. Sometimes gets Aussie Rules mixed up with real football. He can clatter him and make it look like he just ‘slipped’.



I’m willing to sacrifice Silva to the job. He’s not that type of player normally, so the ref won’t punish him for it. It will be an ‘accident’



No problem, we will alternate our attack. That will confuse the ref.



That’s perfect, I’ve got this Spaniard, he’s subtle, VAR won’t see a thing.


And if you ever need any extra advice, I can put you in touch with this Italian I know.


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