How To Get a Season Ticket for Arsenal (FAQ)

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How To Get a Season Ticket for Arsenal (FAQ)

With Arsenal known for having the biggest fanbase in London, there has always been a high demand for season tickets to watch the club. Under the guidance of former player, Mikel Arteta, Arsenal have returned to competing for titles and will be looking to win the Premier League this season. Gunners fans from North London and beyond will be looking to purchase season tickets for next season, we created a guide to cover all the main points.

What is an Arsenal Season Ticket?

For avid Arsenal fans, nothing beats being at the Emirates Stadium every home fixture to cheer on the Gunners. These limited number of season tickets allow fans to attend each of Arsenal’s home fixtures during the season. Whilst purchasing a season ticket is often economically better than buying a ticket for every game, being guaranteed a ticket is the biggest benefit for fans.

How To Buy Arsenal Tickets for Individual Matches

The process of buying Arsenal tickets for individual games such as in the Premier League differs from getting a season ticket. The recommended first step is to purchase an Arsenal membership and then contact the official Arsenal box office. Tickets for each game will go on sale at set times during the season.

How Do Arsenal Season Tickets Work?

At the end of every Premier League season, Arsenal’s current season ticket holders are required to renew their membership. Whilst the vast majority of Arsenal fans will renew for the following season, some fans, for many reasons, may decline to renew their tickets. If this occurs, the vacated season ticket is offered to the Arsenal’s season ticket waiting list, with, with the oldest having first priority.

How Can I Get on Arsenal’s Season Ticket Waiting List?

Like many football clubs, Arsenal has thousands of fans that try to get a season ticket every year. Therefore, prospective season ticket owners need to join a waiting list. By joining the list, you secure a place in the queue if an existing ticket holder decides not to renew.

Once you purchase your spot, you’ll be put in a queue. If an existing season ticket holder doesn’t renew their ticket, the ticket will be offered to whoever is at the top of the waiting list. If that person doesn’t accept it, it’ll be offered to the next person in the queue.

If for some reason you’re offered a season ticket but can’t accept it that year, don’t worry. You won’t lose your place in the queue. You’ll retain the same spot for next year’s chance.

How Much Does It Cost to Join the List?

According to Arsenal’s official website, it costs £50 to join the waiting list. This applies to season tickets for the men’s senior team home games.

Spots on the season ticket waiting list are non-refundable. However, if you are offered a season ticket and choose to purchase it, your deposit is redeemable against the price of your season ticket.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Arsenal Season Ticket?

Each year, thousands of people may join the waiting list for an Arsenal season ticket. As such, it can take several years to actually get offered the opportunity to purchase. Tip: You can check your position in the queue via Arsenal’s official website. We recommend that your contact details on the list are always up-to-date in case the club box-office tries to contact you.

How Much Does an Arsenal Season Ticket Cost?

The price of an Arsenal season ticket varies depending on the location in the stadium, however, these are are some of the most expensive in European football. According to Seat Compare, a season ticket for the Center Upper section is the most expensive option can cost around £1895 for the 2023/24 season. Expect a price increase in the 2024/2025 season.

The cheapest season ticket options are the seats located behind the goals and those in the top tier of the stadium. For fans who require disabled accessible seats, season tickets are generally half price.

Is There Another Way to Get an Arsenal Season Ticket?

For Arsenal fans that want to get a season ticket in the shortest possible time frame, the other option is to purchase a more expensive Platinum Membership, which provides a premium season ticket with additional benefits. Platinum season tickets include all home fixtures, including European games and FA Cup and League Cup games. With a Platinum Membership, these are for Club Level seats. This exclusive tier of the stadium also comes with extra benefits like complimentary drinks at half-time.

How Much is a Platinum Membership?

Whilst the Platinum Membership for Arsenal does have a shorter waiting list, there is probably several seasons in waiting time. To get your name on the waiting list for these season tickets, you’ll need to pay a 25% deposit of the price of a Platinum Membership. For the 2023/24 season, an Arsenal Platinum Membership costs at least £3330.

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