Arsenal steals a point at Anfield to stay Top at Christmas (GT Crew Review) [LIV 1-1 ARS]

In this edition we look back on Sunday’s clash against Liverpool at Anfield in the Premier League.

Gabriel goal


Paul Hepker: Two huge calls going our way for a change: a VAR goal check that, let’s face it, they could easily have fudged. Just drawn a red line and said “OFFSIDE”. And then the Odegaard handball. 9/10 times that’s a handball. We got lucky. And a point. Not complaining. 

Steve Wellman: Declan Rice – the world’s first £100 million bargain. 5 v 1 and still does enough to prevent Liverpool scoring

Michael McDonald: Scoring a different type of goal. Always good to add to the repertoire. 

Martinelli end of road


Paul Hepker: Martinelli’s shocking end product. His performance last night was Gervinho-esque. He HAS to start firing. Maybe give him a rest for a while. 

Steve Wellman: Zinchenko’s defending. Top class going forward, always gives me the jitters when defending.

Michael McDonald: Having to wade through a bunch of idiots on my timeline discussing whether the least cheaty footballer currently playing is a cheating thug because their LB got injured. 

Saka through on Allison


Paul Hepker: The second half of the season is going to be excruciating. Points and places dropped, tiny gains and heart-breaking losses. Tight margins. Table trauma. Buckle up, folks.

Steve Wellman: Top for Christmas, always a positive.

Window opens next week, so opportunity to get in a couple of players to allow some to rest for the final push…

Michael McDonald: That 2024 will bring a brand new set of referees. They will arrive from Perfectville and we will never ask their names because they won’t want to be centre of attention. 

They will arrive on a dump truck with a golden rubbish bin on board. Mikel will be given the honour and football fans throughout the land will show up in their millions. 

Mikel will hold a TV with the letters V A and R on it and a sacrificial burning will take place. This will happen on top of the hills near Whipsnade Zoo and after the TV is burnt fans from all over the land will knee slide down the hill in joyous celebration.


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