Nobody on the Arsenal Board has made a Footballing Decision without Wenger – Can we Trust them to do it now?

Chelsea 3-1, Bayern Munich 5-1.

As an Arsenal fan, I hate February!

How crazy is it to be an Arsenal fan, especially after 2006? You get stick from everyone around you, some people who don’t even know Arsene Wenger come up and tell you “Wenger out” because of some idiot like Adrian Durham.

To be honest, I was very optimistic when we won the FA Cup in 2014. I knew that when Arsenal and Wenger won any cup, they would be hungry for more and try to win more trophies moving forward. I don’t think I was the only one. All other pundits were expecting the same thing, as it was almost the end of our nightmare with Emirates Stadium and the beginning of a new era where we could finally splash some cash on proven stars. I also believe Arsene Wenger wanted that as well and he showed it when he bought Alexis Sanchez, Petr Cech, Shkodran Mustafi and Granit Xhaka.

Why am I writing this article today? Right after my team was taught a football lesson by Bayern Munich?

It is to first share my concerns about Arsenal Football Club, and then share my opinion and have you guys tell me yours.

The major concern I have about Arsenal is the inability of the board to make a decision about who might come next should Wenger leave. The inability to actually support that manager should he need to spend on certain players or sell others. This Arsenal board, without the likes of Danny Fiszman and David Dein, are clueless about football matters. Lets not forget that it was Dein who insisted on bringing Arsene Wenger in in 1996. This board has never taken a footballing decision without Arsene Wenger in charge and it is really worrying.

The only reason Arsenal were always consistent in finishing in the top 4 and competing (we were the best footballing side in the league) is because of Arsene Wenger. The only reason why we were known to be the best footballing side in the Premier League, earning praise from people like Johan Cruyff and Rinus Michels is because of Wenger. The only reason we went a season unbeaten and developed world class footballers is because of Wenger.

Stan. Ivan and Chips

Have you ever thought what would have been had Arsene Wenger left Arsenal? If he had a career like Carlo Ancelotti, managing the likes of AC Milan (who were a top club in a weak Serie A), Real Madrid, Chelsea, PSG and Bayern Munich. I think he would have had so much success; he would have been named the best one. But he was loyal, committed and wanted the best for his club, not his CV.

I believe the board didn’t do anything to help the cause. Before David Dein left, it felt like Wenger was in a better situation. He knew Dein had so much knowledge and contacts in the world of football he didn’t worry whenever he needed a player.

But this Arsenal board, they were so impressed with the way we made money by selling our best players and maintaining top 4 finishes every year that they just gave Wenger the green light for everything, without really pressuring him to finish higher and giving him the support he needed.

Sad to see Wenger disrespected

With that being said, it is really sad to see people disrespect Arsene Wenger. And to be very honest, it would have been so easy for him to leave the club when they decided to build the stadium and win all the trophies in the world. He stayed and wanted the best for Arsenal, he knew that not a lot of managers would risk their CV and join a club who had to sell their best players every year and maintain top 4 to make it to the Champions League. It sounded impossible at first with Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and later Manchester City all spending money on proven players. Yet he achieved it, even though people make fun of Arsenal’s top 4 ambitions (other teams would love to be in our position) we maintained it and overachieved against stronger teams. His achievements from 2006-2013 are what people will talk about when he leaves. Not the Invincibles season, not the FA Cup and Premier League doubles and not just the pretty football.

Yes, there are mistakes and yes Arsenal look so vulnerable at times. The type of players he has brought to the club aren’t exactly what we wanted and his faith in players hasn’t helped him. But disrespecting him like that shows you what is wrong with football.

You get fans demanding trophies every year, and when they don’t get that it is considered a crisis. Blame the manager because the team isn’t performing, but why not blame any of the players?

Mesut Ozil for example. He is a world class player and I love to watch him when he is flying. He is just a joy to watch. But he has been very poor recently. So poor that I wanted him off at halftime last night.

Ozil fail

Keeping faith in Ozil

Yet Wenger keeps his faith and leaves him on for the rest of the game. I admit that this is Wenger’s fault. He should be ruthless sometimes and just call them for the bench when they are not performing. Sometimes I think players find it easy with Wenger around, they can have a good game then have two bad ones, and Wenger will pick them to start.

It is Wenger’s fault, but he treats them as professionals and as grown men. A professional should always try his best to perform consistently, that’s what makes them world class.

A player of Ozil’s caliber, with the experience and the technical ability should be doing far better than that.

Shkodran Mustafi. Francis Coquelin. Gabriel. All poor last night.

Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain. Theo Walcott. Nacho Monreal. Olivier Giroud. Good players but terribly inconsistent.

We are all very disappointed about current results and how we live the same story every season. Do we need change? Yes, we do. But we have to be clever. Who can replace Arsene Wenger and do a better job? Who has that consistency and experience in football?

Despite all that, I am truly sick of the way some Arsenal fans and journalists treat Arsene Wenger. He is the most successful manager in Arsenal’s history and a true legend. If you were really an Arsenal fan, you would show some respect and look at the bigger picture. You may have an opinion on the matter, but do it in a classy, respectful way.

He has earned our respect whatever your view

Last week I read an article stating that Wenger was handed a new two-year contract right after our defeat against Chelsea. Not only is that ridiculous and false, it has always been used against Arsene Wenger so that more fans turn against him.

He has been a great manager for 21 years in England, he is the reason why the Premier League improved so much when he first took over. I think the English media will regret all that, the day he leaves and we continue to see the likes of Jose Mourinho, they will see the difference.

Lets all rejoice and support the team no matter what. Share our opinions respectfully and hope that whatever happens next, it is for the best of the club we all love.


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2 Responses to Nobody on the Arsenal Board has made a Footballing Decision without Wenger – Can we Trust them to do it now?

  1. Lee Meade February 16, 2017 at 4:54 pm #

    Wenger is the closest to players on the field. Can’t pin this on the board. The players we have are here because of Wenger. If they’re still here after they’ve proven they’re not good enough, that’s on Wenger too.
    Now, keeping Wenger when it’s obvious he’s not going to get it right, no matter, how much time, or money (he went shopping at Leicester for Vardy instead of Kante), now that’s squarely on the board.
    Their move.

    • Dave Seager February 16, 2017 at 6:53 pm #

      Not sure that is what author is saying Lee. More worry about the board appointing right man

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