Coq, Olly and Per are quality squad members but when are the first teamers arriving Arsene?

Great 3 points v Palace but time to move Arsene as clock is ticking and flaws evident

So a needed win for us against Crystal Palace on Sunday but I sit here remaining largely unconvinced by the strength of our first XI. I really do hope Wenger makes the necessary signings needed to elevate us otherwise it’s the same old story of ‘Arsenal being 1 or 2 players short to challenge’.

We really don’t seem to have our central midfield area figured out. Cazorla and Coquelin was the trusted combination we resorted back to, but it’s still a very short-term solution.

Ramsey has been a hot topic lately and I’ve said many times he can’t play with Coquelin but I’d still rather he was central than wide, he has all the attributes to be a key fixture in that position for us over a season he just doesn’t have a suitable partner.

The combination appears not to work

Cazorla is a brilliant player but poses similar problems to Fabregas as he doesn’t have the stamina or energy to cover at CM. Coquelin’s near dismissal was a result of having to cover for Santi and do the job of 2 men off the ball. As good as he is a ball-winner the demand is way too much in this fast-paced league.

We need a midfielder that’s as defensively good as Coquelin but miles better in possession and one who can actually control our tempo in the deeper areas. Basically roll Coquelin + Arteta into 1 player. We need the likes of Ozil receiving the ball in higher areas and not having to come so deep to collect.

So that’s a new DM required.


Centre-forward is also very obvious. Giroud is a solid option but backup at best for a team with our ambitions, after him we are very unconvincing. Theo hardly getting on the pitch since his bumper new deal speaks volumes. He gives us a good option upfront and allows us to play more openly but his all round game is lacking as a striker. When you’re that height you need the skill-set of Aguero to play the lone role, he’s far from that level.

Should Olly be the quality back up?

Welbeck looks like he’s suffering the Arsenal bug so we’re very weak there

We’ve created the most chances so far this season and only 2 goals have been scored whereas City have scored over double of that, the difference is evident. We’re not ruthless enough and a new top bracket CF solves this to an extent and lowers the odds of us scoring. In the same way that Fruity Reels guide to online fruit machines improves the odds of winning we need a striker who can create his own luck in front of goal.

So that’s a CF needed.


I’m far from a Mertesacker fan but unfortunately Koscielney doesn’t have a more suitable partner at the club. Merts’ lack of presence despite his actual presence strains Laurent Koscielney who’s not young anymore. I’d like to see Gabriel involved more or Chambers make a breakthrough but I have doubts about the former’s suitability to partner Kos and the demand will be too high for the latter at this stage.

A faster more aggressive model would be ideal

It’s probably greedy to want another CB but that’d be amazing for me. Someone similar in size but more mobile and aggressive than Mertesacker.

At least 2 players are needed for us this season because Manchester City, having just signed Otamendi are by far the strongest outfit this season.

Giroud and Mertesacker, as decent as they’ve been for us they should be squad players, they’d be very strong ones in that regard. As for now, they make our spine too slow and weak and as Gary Neville said you need pace & power in your backbone.

Coquelin is good enough to start but not good enough to partner Ramsey who at the moment is our most complete CM. Coq would be a great option off the bench to close games, not to forget his versatility would still see him feature enough over a season.

I’m not sure what Wenger is waiting for but I pray he’s not satisfied with the current squad because I’m certainly not.

Don’t want to put a negative spin on an important result but that’s the way I see it. There’s no point getting excited as I always do when our flaws are so evident.

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4 Responses to Coq, Olly and Per are quality squad members but when are the first teamers arriving Arsene?

  1. ALMOK August 18, 2015 at 4:48 pm #

    Good analysis, but i disagree with you on your reasons as to why Arsenal need a new striker. You intimate Arsenal has created more chances than any other team, but City has scored more goals.
    A few questions i would like to bring to the fore on that.
    1. How many city strikers have scored?
    Answer: 1 (Aguero)
    2. How many Arsenal strikers have scored?
    Answer:1 (Giroud)
    Its their midfielders who have scored and thats what Wenger is challenging his midfielders to do.
    Creating more chances is a positive.
    Inspite of all my questions, I think a striker like Benzema will always be welcome, but its our midfielders who should score more.

  2. Subomi August 18, 2015 at 5:10 pm #

    Good point but the only trustworthy source for goals in our midfield is Ramsey. We haven’t got many other proven scorers maybe Cazorla but that’s limited now in a deeper role.

    Silva is 7-10 goals player
    Yaya can be a 15+ when he feels
    Sterling is 10+
    Then Aguero on top of that is 25+

    That’s more firepower than we can dream of. Some of our best goalscorers can hardly be in the same line-up (Theo + Alexis) so we’re very short there.

    This makes a top bracket CF even more vital. Giroud has doubts casted over him still 4 seasons in so I think it’s obvious what’s required.

    There’s hoping our MF can score more or there’s nipping such hope in the bud and going all out to buy a top CF who will improve this aspect, we need this ruthlessness

    Not to mention whilst Ramsey plays wide we’re unsure how many goals he can contribute from that area, making a DM important as well.

    Regardless the team needs improving, I don’t think last seasons squad + Cech is title worthy if I’m honest

  3. Kody August 18, 2015 at 7:06 pm #

    Some interesting points. Though it’s easy to forget that despite his drought to end the season, Giroud hit 14 league goals while missing 3 months. Had a freak injury vs Everton not occurred he may have scored 20+ and then I doubt there’s all this clamoring for a new “world class” striker. Bottom line is there are few “world class” strikers in the world and none of them are available. If you look at per 90 metrics for Benzema, Lewandowski, Costa and Giroud in their respective leagues last year the numbers are all remarkably close. There is no clear upgrade to Giroud available imo. I think our midfield can help make the difference. If we have a full season of a healthy Ox, Theo, Rambo and can get Jack back to health and in the mix, combined with Cazorla, Alexis, OG and a handful from Mesut we should be ok in the event there’s no new additions. I know the healthy bit is the wildcard but we seemed to be getting a better handle on that last year and I fancy we’ll see that continue.

    I do agree about getting another CDM though once again it’s a situation where the current market doesn’t really provide for that. There were some like Schneiderlin and Kondogbia available, but I can’t help but think maybe Arsene was planning on using Jack in that area prior to getting hurt. While he has a tendency to push forward alot he, like Ramsey, isn’t afraid to track and help defend also. Still an extra body would have been wise regardless and now I’m not sure there’s someone worth splashing the cash on.

    As far as a CB goes that’s the least of my concerns. Mertesacker tends to divide opinion and rightfully so. He is our most tactically aware and yet our most positionally mistake prone at the same time. I know that sounds absurd but for as many times as he’s been caught high up the pitch he has in equal or greater measure positioned himself to save our bacon also. I think we’ll see a steady transition to our other options within the club this year and the probability of a new CB will be more likely for next summer instead.

    Just my opinion obviously. I would be more than happy to see added quality come in, but at the same time no one really knows what a full year of this squad being healthy looks like. Should be a fun year either way!

  4. Tim August 19, 2015 at 6:06 am #

    Excellent piece and completely true. Most gunners fans want to support the likes of Giroud, Coq, Mert and I agree they’ve all done well at time but as you say if we want to truly meet our ambition we will need all these replacements. The lowest priority for me is Mert just because we have Gabriel though it remains to be see. How he adapts and how his playing style gels with Kos. Giroud is just plain awful. We have the most creative midfield in the league and no one to finish off the passing. He can be a squad player no doubt but if we wanna win a d you support Giroud as no.1 don’t expect a different result.

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