Is Mike Dean to blame for a Decade without a Title or is Arsene?


It must be said the game on Saturday was incredibly frustrating and it’s certainly fair for us to feel hard done by but I really didn’t expect anything from the game regardless, we wouldn’t have taken anything in the end I’m certain, there’s no way of proving this but Wenger’s poor record against Jose is definitely something to go by.

After the most recent actions of Arsene Wenger that have really sealed my ever decreasing opinion on him as Arsenal manager, I’ve made life a lot easier for myself as a supporter simply by expecting less.

Once you remove yourself from the yearly blame culture and constant finger pointing at things other than the players/coach that decided the game, you honestly realise how pathetic Gooners look as a fanbase bemoaning refereeing decisions every year, it’s okay every once in a while but we whinge far too often, a mentality that stems from Wenger

Wenger finger pointing this week – Referees to balme

I used to get wound up by Mourinho’s dig at our club labelling us ‘cry-babies but it’s hilarious to hear now because it’s so valid when you see it from an unbiased view.

Wenger’s an Outdated tactician

Arsene Wenger is a good manager but an extremely poor coach, it’s quite frightening.

If you expand your football viewing to what’s being played oversees you wouldn’t believe how so far behind Wenger is as a tactician and honestly you probably would acknowledge that he’s not the right coach for us anymore.

Football has evolved massively and it takes so much more than Arsene’s ‘I trust you, just express yourselves’ philosophies to succeed, especially in Europe.

Juventus and Allegri well drilled

The likes of PSG, Juventus, Roma etc.. are extremely well coached and tactically drilled these are clubs we should be level with for now, I don’t see the productivity in comparing us with the elite such as Barca/Real/Bayern who are streets ahead.

These teams really do build from the back, left to right, with all their players having designated roles in the team, all play at a specific tempo so that rotation in personnel goes as smoothly as possible. We recently saw that the changes we made against Zagreb had us looking like a completely different team in mid-week and it’s not the players that can be blamed.

It says a lot when despite the quality and dynamism of central based midfield players Arsene has only found success with a 4-2-3-1 or flat 4-4-2 formation. He’s a very average strategist.

No real relationship on the pitch yet

We don’t have an identified style of play anymore; we barely have any established combinations in the side. Our 2 star players (Alexis & Ozil) have a relationship on the field which is completely non-evident; both of these players share similarities with Silva-Aguero yet are nothing like them in link-up play.

We haven’t had an established combination since our left-side of Cole-Pires-Henry, we’ve had players link up well here and there but not to the extent where it’s a certified tactic and 1 that makes it hard for the opposition but whenever one starts to grow, Wenger breaks it up immediately.

Good early signs but not allowed to develop

Alexis-Welbeck-Ozil for example Mesut and Welbeck did quite well with each other last season as did Welbeck and Alexis beforehand being able to fluidly switch roles and hound the opposition. I see potential there between the 3 but Wenger hasn’t allowed it to flourish to compensate for Giroud who really doesn’t combine well with either of our 2 record signings.

Anyway Welbeck is unavailable and nothing can be done with that particular situation for the moment.

If you decide you’re going to be rotating CF’s throughout a season, they really have to be of sufficient quality to succeed. Real used to do it with Higuain-Benzema both of whom are better than our current options. City did it with Aguero/Dzeko, last season Chelsea utilised it successfully with Remy/Costa to an extent.

Just not good enough to rotate

Giroud & Theo really don’t have the quality to rotate with each other successfully over the season, both are momentum players and need a good run of games to find their rhythm, we can’t just throw 1 into a crunch game against Chelsea and expect fluidity. Arsene’s better off picking his no. 1 between them and relentlessly placing faith in that player (preferably Theo).

Arsene still doesn’t know his best team, for a while he stumbled across a winning team (the latest one used) but I was never convinced it was our best simply because our football has been appalling and many players are playing out of position within it – Theo at CF, Cazorla at CM, Ramsey at RM.

Wenger forcing issues and not getting best from players

I don’t like those roles for any of those players to be completely honest, they’ve all proven themselves to be better in other positions but Arsene is forcing things.

Wenger can also no longer get the best from his players, Wenger is yet to design a team to Ozil’s strengths, Alexis hasn’t mixed up his game, Ramsey looks poor out wide etc… It’s quite depressing that this abundance of talent is being wasted and squashed together with no forward planning.

I’m trying to avoid a frustrated rant, just focussing on the harsh reality we’re in and why we’ll never win the most prestigious trophies under Arsene, he’s simply been left behind and shown naivety on too many occasions.

I’ve hardly focussed on the match because this isn’t a reactionary article. I expect more than enough post-match reaction from elsewhere anyway but what must be said is the result wasn’t surprising and with Wenger having the chance to pin the final nail in Jose’s coffin, as far as the league is concerned, it was obvious that opportunity was just never going to be seized.

All to predictable sadly

Everything is all so predictable at Arsenal I’m afraid.

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16 Responses to Is Mike Dean to blame for a Decade without a Title or is Arsene?

  1. Philbet September 20, 2015 at 9:35 am #

    There is as much chance of us becoming unbeatable with a change of manager and that elusive ‘world class’ striker coming in as there is of the negative blog writers and cry baby fans helping us win the champions league, if you think moaning criticizing and groaning will help then the word delusional comes to mind, the utopia you seek through change does not exist and your lack of reality and balance leave you open to exactly the same things you accuse Wenger of being!!
    If you are only in the game for the winning I strongly suggest you find a new game.

  2. Lindley September 20, 2015 at 10:03 am #

    Before you go on about Arsenal fans moaning, take a look at yourself. While your at it go back and have a look at the games Dean has been involved with over the years and the story speaks for its self. I have been a Gooner for 44 years and counting and it’s fans like you we don’t need. Yes we can moan but all football fans do as well. Wenger was right yesterday and I back him 100% over this. Yes he has got it wrong on occasion’s but then he is not God. A new manager would make the situation worst. The players need to step up to the plate as well. We went on that unbeaten run last season and won the FA Cup so how come all of a sudden he is not a good coach, he was good enough then. You either support a team or you don’t . The clue is in the word SUPPORT.

    • Dave Seager September 20, 2015 at 10:09 am #

      I think it is you that have missed the point here. Yes Dean at fault yesterday but blog has a wider view. Criticising or questioning manager is not showing lack of support and I too have been a fan 44 years before you try and play the length of support card.

      • Victor Thompson September 21, 2015 at 12:25 pm #

        Hi Dave, I agree entirely with your comment. I applaud Arsene for his achievements and I have listed them in other comments however I made a comment a few weeks ago when I said the next 6 weeks would define our season. I predicted that at the end of October we could be in the same position we were in last year. The main reason being that AW did not buy a CF or DM. I also said that if Coquelin was injured, we have no cover for him. Arsene thinks Arteta can do that!

        Fiven the first of the games we faced was against Stoke, that result was a given, but we have lost against Dinamo Zagreb and Chelsea . Coqelin is injured and may be out for 3 weeks. Gabriel and Santi are suspended. What price now my prediction?

        In response to Linley and Phibet, I have supported Arsenal for 57 years so I think I qualify as a proper supporter. If I travel twice a year with my son to see Arsenal it costs me as much as a season ticket, so I think I have good credentials.

        I agree that AW is not only a bad tactician who is easily out foxed by top coaches, but he doesn`t even try to change. For instance, the 60th minute subs? He was innovative when he arrived at Arsenal and the principles he had of good football performed at speed are no longer evident. Other teams stifle both of those .

        I am afraid that he has become a stubborn old man who admits that he does not take any notice of other people`s opinions. If he won`t listen then how can he possibly adapt to changing circumstances. This almost 2016, not 1996 when he was at his best. Move on Arsene!

        Apart from Arteta who I named specifically to illustrate a point, I have not selected anyone in particular for criticism. The fault is entirely with the coaching and the format of the team. Top players do not become unconnected and uninterested in the game for no reason. They do not all lose form at once and often for no reason. Perhaps someone else could provide a better explanation?

        Victor Thompson

    • goonerboy September 20, 2015 at 11:50 am #

      Its embarrassing that Arsenal fans are so terrified of change- I am older than you- and been supporting AFC longer. Moaning? Yes indeed- yesterday was a disgrace- 5 games since we scored against Chelsea in the league. Mourinho is taking the piss.
      That great run you talk about included the Monaco debacle- not so great I think.
      – Under Wenger Arsenal are a second tier team.

      A new manager IS needed- Arsenal are far too predictable and under Wenger never buying the players they need. -playing the same way for years- the club has grown complacent- Arsenal have not and will not challenge for major trophies until Wenger is replaced. His priority is not football- its profit for the majority shareholder.

  3. Ykb September 20, 2015 at 10:15 am #

    Mike Dean for sure yesterday was on big bet so arsenal had no any choice could do .ore than that if thing dint go that way, the second card was given out when arsenal was putting Chelsea on a big pressure for the draw, Dean had to stop that pressure so that he don’t loose. so Fa should stop betting refs please. Dean deserves a big ban

  4. Ykb September 20, 2015 at 10:22 am #

    we don’t care about the decades we have to focus on the future decades have passed and were still supporting and we keep going so if anything goes wrong we have to react on it not keep only blames on our side while its an open era who everyone can see

    • Handle September 20, 2015 at 10:54 am #

      God work

  5. Amos September 20, 2015 at 10:24 am #

    There isn’t a fanbase in the world that doesn’t moan about refereeing decisions, transfers, tactical incompetence and any and every other variable that might affect the possibility of winning a trophy. Those that have won trophies might moan less for a brief time but will still moan most of the time. Take a look at some Chelsea forums this season for example. But I’ve made life a lot easier for myself as an Arsenal supporter simply by not expecting many Arsenal supporters to be anything other than miserable whining souls with an inflated sense of entitlement.

  6. Mike Addersly September 20, 2015 at 10:33 am #

    Excellent article and spot on – our football this season has been in truth poor and it’s a sign of the times I’m afraid and doesn’t look like it will improve now. So many average players in this squad and the sooner fans agitate for change the better in my opinion. Yes it won’t transform the club overnight but we’re soft touches now and that just isn’t the arsenal way.

  7. Love it September 20, 2015 at 10:51 am #

    You are Tottenham I guess

  8. Handle September 20, 2015 at 10:53 am #

    I believe you are a sad Tottenham fan who is just pretending to be Arsenal fan.

  9. Lindley September 20, 2015 at 11:06 am #

    No I have not missed the point at all.i don’t need to show support card to get my view across. Wenger has got it wrong at times no doubt but I will give my support to Arsenal and the manager who ever is in charge in fact. What we don’t need right now is people moaning because the team need everyone behind them and the Club, if they don’t get behind them then the negative impact is only going to makes things worst. Know wonder other fan bases laugh at Arsenal supports for moaning much of every season. Wenger will go and let’s see when he does how many will want him back within six months. Go moan till your heart is content but I for one will be cheering them on at white hart lane and the rest of our home games.

  10. Seroti September 20, 2015 at 12:30 pm #

    U asked a question Is Mike Dean to Blame for a Decade without title for Arsenal?. But u didn’t answer ur question, u just went on moaning all over. Morihno is now a genius to you. Well no need to argue with u but ask ur self dis question had coast be sent off nd fabregas red card nd Arsenal won, will u praise Wenger. Pple like you are meant to inform people not use free mediums like dis to be bias nd insult Wenger. To me its only Arsenal Fans who don’t respect Wenger, we’re the only one always wanting the latest coaches 4rm big sam to pandrew,moyes,mathinez,pochetino I bet u will take d zagreb coach also. U never talked abt what happen on d field but yes u can bash wenger nd cut is success talk to 10yrs, like it was 10yrs ago He started leading Arsenal. U rant about him nt spending money,d same money he made himself through pain,insult nd constant abuse by ppl like you. The lads,fans are down already we don’t need ppl like u to kick us again, if u can’t support Arsenal when we lose feel free to come over when we win.

  11. ken September 20, 2015 at 4:03 pm #

    After reading all those comments, One thing is for sure you all love Wenger for ten years of shit and the shit we are going to get for the next ten years. At that time , i mean in ten years AfC will have a cash reserve of 400m and Arsene will still not find anyone better than Giroud or a cover who is better than Arteta for Coquelin.
    Anyway Arsenal will remain a team missing one player or two away from challenging for the title and a big big unspent cash reserve for buying players.
    Good luck and good day to all Arsene lovers and keep the faith as Wenger has himself stated that we have all the players we need to win the Title.
    Keep hoping and restrain yourselves from moaning, we have such a knowlegeable manager, who balances the book first, then look at his team through dollar filtered glasses. That’s make him see his players are far better than everyone out there.
    As far as i am concerned, there is definitely a pattern in the way he tried to buy Benzema or tried his best not to buy him or anyone else.Once he got Cech, the transfer window was closed for him. And as usual this lack of activity on the transfer market will come to bite him, but blind faith and fans will still support him BUT AT WHAT COST?

  12. Tim marks September 20, 2015 at 11:48 pm #

    yes we don’t get results a Stamford bridge but this time we were still in the game and defended well. I think we should have higher expectations of the officials who bottle it because of mouriniho.

    The true is they flat feel pressure as Chelsea are at home, however Costa just had to go had he gone we would have taken 3 points. We can ionly compete with Chelsea with a level playing field when referees do what is right by the game and not be bullied by mouriniho.

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