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Gooner Girlfriend: Wenger’s secret Christmas list

Antonia “The Gooner Girlfriend” brings us a perfect concoction of festive festivities in her ever insightful blog. Tune into WTTGT this week to find out which list Mr Wenger will be sitting on this year… will it be naughty, or will it be nice? WTTGT

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Gooner Girlfriend: The pressures of perfection

It is my personal opinion that a woman is continuously under pressure to be perfect. This “perfection” can manifest itself in a variety of forms, and is entirely individual and subjective. It’s a highly competitive world out there, and over the last few weeks I’ve discovered that I most definitely fall into the category of […]

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Gooner Girlfriend: When sex and Arsenal mix

She’s back! The Gooner Girlfriend returns with the third tonic of vocabulary, this time mixing Arsenal with something most post-teen men love to talk to about: SEX! Check out her raunchy admission while strategically putting forth an argument for some new stock in the club shop! WTTGT

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Gooner Girlfriend: The ex-conversation

The Gooner Girlfriend has taken her allocation of annual leave from WTTGT, and spent it gallivanting around the Med. Lucklily for us, she returns with her take on the Cesc deal, and how basically, it’s exaclty the same as a marital breakdown. WTTGT

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Gooner Girlfriend: “I’m not much of an Arsenal fan”

Behind every Arsenal fan, there’s a great Arsenal fan supporter… if that makes any sense what so ever! WTTGT introduces to you, The Gooner Girlfriend – the voice of the opposition. ATGGH will be here fortnightly with her role play instalments of what it’s like playing second fiddle to ‘just a game of football’. WTTGT

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