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Arteta told his Europa Players that starts versus Tottenham were up for grabs – AMN said YES PLEASE!

….. and Arteta saw that POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I understand that I might be preaching to the choir here, as Mikel Arteta was probably the one who initiated that performance last night, but if I was one of his staff I’d make him watch the Wolves game again then this one, and play spot […]

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Emery – The Case for ‘his’ defence! – Not a Strong Case!

Emery defence – first calling out…   Don’t get me wrong. I’m firmly Emery In. But then the latest defeat to Manchester United showed how a critical point in our side is NOT being corrected by “el jefe”, Mr. Emery. Now, yes, Emery has a number of issues to solve. And the additions of some […]

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You've only come to see Eboue

Eboue speaks of Arsenal Return – Shiny disco balls and late night booty calls

My old man always said “Son, never give them your surname and never go back”, great advice (mmmm) but there are always some worth a late night booty call*.  Sol and Henry got their second chance at love and of course Flame in in his 3rd year of a rekindle romance with the Gunners. Are […]

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Super Jack should stay and fight for his Arsenal place and then the captaincy

The season is weeks away but there’s still plenty going on in the world of Arsenal. The stories that I’ve found the most interesting have centred around Jack Wilshere. Not just the question of his best position, but also whether he’ll be an Arsenal player next season. A lot has already been written about whether […]

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The Coq Returns to Roost – Our DM for Good?

(This article was written before Arsenal´s match against Crystal Palace on February 21) In 2015, Francis Coquelin has recorded the most interceptions in Europe and the most tackles in the Premier League – delightfully surprising statistics for a player who appeared on his way out of the Emirates when he was loaned out yet again. With […]

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The man with the cheeky chip finding his feet in Spain

Cesc Fabregas, Alex Song, Carlos Vela: Arsene Wenger’s superb Booty Call history, and which former Arsenal lovers could return

My dad was always one for his ‘pearls of wisdom’, one that always stuck in my mind was, “Son, never go back, she’s never the same second time around”. The other one was, “Son, best form of contraception? Don’t tell them your surname”?!  So anyway, back to the first one.  As my dad advised, most managers […]

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Wenger the Alchemist, close to finally blending his player ingredients for the recipe of success in 2014

Mr. T’s Nuts The past eight years have been trophyless. We know that, and the media have forced it down our throats for so long that it seems to be all Gooners can think about these days! For me though, it hasn’t been quite that simple. Personally I’ve archived the memories of the past eight […]

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You Guest It “When I arrived here 13 years ago I could sense that this club had values, tradition, and strength in their belief and in their values.  “When I travelled at that time to Derby or to Coventry when they were in the Premier League, they always told me it is ‘the Arsenal way’ […]

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