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Arteta Optioneering – If not Mikel then who?

I want to state up front, this is not me joining the #ArtetaOut campaign, although, there is a decision to be made in the next few days. Stick and give him until December to see if his players (if he can get any in) can turn it all around, or Twist and get someone in […]

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Are you a member of The AAA? – Anti-Arsenal Agenda

The AAA Pochettino- “With the project we have here and the philosophy and everything, it is completely different today, the Premier League. When you compare with the other teams that compete with us, for me it is a very successful period.”  The media- Oooooohhhhhh, Pochettino is an intelligent manager and the Sp*ds are a success. […]

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Its time

Conte and Klopp are Modern Style Coaches that Inspire – Wenger is NOT!

I have just read the articles by Alex Baguzin and Marble Halls and rather than reply to them I have chosen to write this one. I shared Marble Hall`s intention not to berate AW for the next two years, not because I had changed my mind, but because the owner and the Board do not […]

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Reactive and Proactive

Wenger Reactive and Conte Proactive =18 Point Gap – Are we Optimistic this is Changing?

After our performance in the FA Cup final defeat of Chelsea, optimism levels for next season, rose substantially, amongst many of our supporters. Justifiably, some would say. However, whilst I was delighted with the way we ended last season, I am not yet convinced that Arsene has miraculously rediscovered what it takes to lead us […]

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Reality Bites – it’s a Sign of the times – By Harry Styles is a Gooner

Reality Bites – it’s a Sign of the times Old Skool movie, New Skool tune Music: Harry Styles New Lyrics: TheSundayMorningGooner Just stop your crying It’s a sign of the times Welcome to the new reality We’re now competing with 5 teams you see We can’t expect to win it all every year The competition […]

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One divorce complete, now time for the next?

Wenger and Arsenal. A Broken Marriage with one half still clinging to false hopes of a return to the Good Old days

I am going to get straight to the point; I am concerned about the immediate future of Arsenal Football Club. To many, that may appear to be an overreaction. Especially when taking in to consideration, that with the exception of the five teams currently sitting above us in the table, every club in the country […]

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The Big 5

Gunners predicted to top the Premier League at the end of October BUT No November collapse this season!

A couple of thoughts on the nature of the league, as of now. Take a look at the table, we sit 2nd on goal difference but level on points with Manchester City who were the runaway leaders at the start of the campaign. The Media darlings, as we would say. Yet, there is absolutely no […]

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Koscielny to wipe an unwelcome Fabregas record from the books today

So we arrive at game number 6 sitting fourth on 10 points ahead of today’s opponents on goal difference. Suffice to say even at this early stage of the campaign the Arsenal v Chelsea fixture is as significant as ever. Arsenal are in form, have positive selection decisions to make, are at home and are […]

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Where Arsenal v Chelsea will be won or lost – Three KEY BATTLES

With the arrival of Italian manager Antonio Conte in South-West London combined with the mainstay of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, the London derby will certainly take a turn for the better as the two established managers will look to earn bragging rights following their first encounter on Saturday. The two rivals have enjoyed near-identical introductions […]

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The Euro’s confirm Possession Football is dead – Can Wenger adapt or should he have to?

  For very long time, so-called small teams used to apply an ultra-defensive approach when facing technically superior opponents, sitting deep in their half and tightening spaces available for their rivals. As they couldn’t compete on technical level, they HAD TO find a different way to avoid a heavy defeat and hopefully bring a point […]

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