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Ramsdale Saves The Day

Unhurried, careful and scary: Arsenal triumph at a turfy Turfmoor [Positive Needs & Hopes]

Unhurried, careful and scary POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES My wife: “You, ok, Mike? You look disheveled!” Me: “Arsenal” My wife: “Ohhhhhh, Arsenal!” I face plant onto our bed and lay there for at least 2 minutes. My daughter walks in: “You ok, Dad?” My wife: “Arsenal” My daughter: “Ohhhhhhh!” I get up from my post […]

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Lokonga to get the nod to partner Partey at Turf Moor and other Arteta decisions to make

So next up for the Gunners is what can be deemed a difficult trip to Burnley. A team that fits the template perfectly for Arsenal kryptonite over the years. A big strong physical side with the potential to disrupt and spoil any attempts at any fancy football whilst giving the opposition defence no easy ride. […]

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Can Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang return to his best this season?

With just ten Premier League goals, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was a long way off from his best form last season due to various factors, including injuries and off-field problems. The Gunners only finished eighth last season following a series of underwhelming performances and it’s surely no coincidence that Arsenal’s poor campaign was linked to the decline in the Gabon international’s […]

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Arsenal need polish: it’s time to visit the shoeshine boy [Positives, Needs & Hopes]

Time to visit the shoeshine boy POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I’ve never been to a shoeshine boy. It’s on the bucket list. The ‘little bucket list’ which is different to the one where I plan on eating paella at Ikea with Santi Cazorla and Anders Limpar. I’m still nervous. You can probably tell. A home […]

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Why Arsenal’s success is dependent on Aubameyang, Partey and Tierney

As the dust settles after the summer transfer window, the Arsenal fanbase are left time to reflect over the international break. Often, we do not welcome the brief hiatus but on the this occasion the 2-week gap in the Premier League programme is warmly embraced. Right now, Arsenal fans and more particularly the coaching and […]

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Laca or Auba are not working the Rectangular Shaped Box but Tammy or Vlahovic would

A rectangular shaped problem POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES One of the joys of my coaching career was having the blessing of meeting and coaching a boy called Mark Sherrod. (Above) Mark drove 45 minutes four times a week to play on our team and did so for many years. Mark was not only a fabulous […]

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Will Arsenal go to Top Man? (Why I believe Arsenal will still spend big this summer)

Will Arsenal go to Top Man? POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES (A Summer-so far report) Are you concerned that we haven’t signed the players we need yet? That the players we’ve signed aren’t going to make the immediate impact on the first team that we need? That the club won’t actually have the money or time […]

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Season Review: The Conductor and His Part-time Rock Band [Positives Needs & Hopes]

The Conductor and his part time Rock Band POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES End of season review   This is a tale of the unnecessary. There once was a really good music teacher. He had been given the opportunity to work with a fairly talented but unbalanced rock band called ‘Unexpected.’ The music teacher had taken […]

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Little Lucky Wins Back – One-nil to The Tenacious Arsenal as Arteta Gets it Right

Little Lucky Winks Back POSITIVES, NEEDS AND HOPES Amongst the wash of badness that Arsenal have been this season, Arsenal have also been unlucky. Perhaps all teams are as unlucky as us? I don’t pay close enough attention to all of them to know. I can say however, that I can’t remember a season being […]

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The striker we want versus the striker we need. Keep faith in Aubameyang

On Twitter, I asked a simple question: would you sell Aubameyang to buy Ødegaard?The outcome of this quick poll was clear: yes, definitely.Basically, we’re ready to give up one of the most prolific goalscorers of the last decade in order to acquire the services of a playmaker, although sublime. I was a bit surprised, because […]

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