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Bob Paisley

Will Unai Emery be Arsenal’s Bob Paisley? Let’s Hope So…

On July 12th 1974 the football world was rocked by the shock departure of one of the greatest managers it had ever seen: Bill Shankly resigned from coaching Liverpool. On April 20th 2018 the football world was rocked by the shock departure of one of the greatest managers it had ever seen, Arsene Wenger resigned […]

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Arsenal's manager Bruce Rioch poses with 29 year old David Platt wearing an Arsenal shirt. Platt, who has played for Sampdoria for the past four years, joined Arsenal in a œ4.75 million poind move. Platt jumped at Arsenal's offer when Rioch made it clear how much he was wanted at Highbury.

A New Era at Arsenal – Bruce Rioch ushered in the era but Arsene Wenger was the man to benefit

PART 2   In part 1, I examined the case as to what Rioch offered Arsenal, and the effects his short tenure had on the club. Bruce Rioch, whilst born in England, was a Scottish international player and captain, having captained his country in the 1978 World Cup (the “Gemmill” World Cup).   He played […]

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Dutch international Dennis Bergkamp at Highbury, where  he became Bruce Rioch's (left) first signing as Arsenal manager, when he joined the team for £7.5 million.

Bruce’s bonus….or not? A story of the 1995/1996 season…..Bergkamp and Beyond

Bruce Rioch. Arsenal manager 1995-1996. A short and undistinguished tenure? Or the sign of things to come?   Bruce Rioch was our manager for the 1995/96 season, which in many ways was a watershed for modern Arsenal. It did, in some measure, lay the foundations for Wenger’s illustrious tenure. Rioch was hired from Bolton Wanderers, […]

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Netherlands Soccer Champions League

631,138,519.87 Seconds with Arsene Wenger – A Supporters Personal Tribute

This article was posted on Laurie’s personal blog. It simply deserves a wider audience and I hope Gunners Twon can give it one. You can follow Laurie @laurielaker 631,138,519.87 Seconds Or, Twenty Years with Arsene Wenger, OBE. By Laurie Laker   I am twenty-seven years of age. I was born under the late-December skies of […]

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Arsene who? How it all looked 20 years ago

Well, for a surprise, this is a surprise. The Arsenal Football Club just announced the arrival of former Monaco and Nagoya Grampus Eight coach Arsène Wenger at the helm of the Club, to replace the departing Bruce Rioch. Despite penning a three-years deal fourteen months ago only and qualifying for next year’s UEFA Cup by […]

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Him waving goodbye scares Gen Wen

Whilst it certainly is not Arsene FC to ‘GEN WEN’ it is at the very least Arsènal FC

For most of us Arsenal is a big part of our identity and as such the identity of Arsenal is a big part of who we are. But what happens when a big part of that identity is torn away? For those who have followed the team for ages this may not be a big […]

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Forever in our shadow

Arsenal are a larger club than Tottenham: this shouldn’t even be a debate

For a couple of years now I’ve tried to grasp the concept of Arsenal and Tottenham hating each other on all levels: from fans to the board. I do realise that emotions are irrational. You hate someone just because you hate someone. Full stop. And yet, and yet… Surely fans aren’t born with this. It’s […]

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Arsenal’a Unsung Heroes – David Platt and ‘That Header’ that gave the Gunners Double Winning Belief!

Hello again, loyal readers. After some all night bartering, with negotiations reaching a delicious climax as the summer sun slowly submerged ‘neath the horizon with a shimmering ‘adieu’, I was re-signed for Gunners Town for the princely sum of a packet of ‘Nice ‘n’ Spicy’ Nik-Naks and a barely touched can of Tizer. My next few […]

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Arsene Wenger Leaving Arsenal Football Club Part 2 – Dealing with the change!

Welcome back to my 2-part series of posts on dealing with change as a fan.  I suggest you read the first part here for some background. George Graham’s Era to the Fans & the Wenger Parallel George Graham won 6 trophies with Arsenal – 2 league titles, 2 League Cups, 1 FA Cup, 1 European […]

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Is it Henry or Guardiola to take over the Arsenal Manager’s role in 2 years?

Back in the day, before I tried growing a beard that never really grew, I made a bold prediction. You could say a BOULD prediction. I believed that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger were grooming Steve Bould (shut up you perverts) to become the next Arsenal manager when Wenger and Arsenal part ways. Now of course […]

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