Arsenal Optimism abounds, no time for the Pessimists and Haters but do we miss David Dein?

Looking forwards

Dear Fellow Gunners


Quite a few points to cover;-


The Cup Final was on 27 May and the first match of the new season is on 11 August.

Six weeks since we saw our team triumph in style against Chelsea at Wembley and another five weeks before AFC open the new season against Leicester City.

Much has been written, players have been purchased, players are to be sold and we hope even additional buys to come

Kolasinac and Lacazette have joined the squad and speculation remains that Lemar, even possibly Mbappe, might also come to the Emirates.

At the same time there is uncertainty about the position of Sanchez – not so much the Ox and Ozil who look bound to stay.

If Sanchez leaves, and he is losing support by allowing the uncertainty to continue, maybe it will release funds for a bid for Mbappe who Wenger clearly rates.


Lemar could be arriving


Aside from player speculation, the position of Wenger has been clarified. He is in charge for another two years.

My position on this issue is well known – I stood up in the Club Level during breaks in play with a banner “Wenger Stay, Stay, Stay”. Moreover, at the Gazidis End-of-Season Meeting with Supporters I was given the microphone to make a powerful case for AW and took the opportunity to face his critics at the Meeting, which made the event a lively occasion.

I could have been low key, stayed in the shadows and eschewed the opportunity to “go public”.

Not for me – the behaviour of the Wenger Haters of which there are many, prompted me to confront them.

I have no problems at all with Wenger Critics – people who can make a reasonable case against Wenger. I do not agree with them but I understand their case.


Opportunity to question Ivan


The Wenger Haters are in a completely different category – loud, vulgar, rude, disrespectful, mocking, cynical and more.

They offend the name of Arsenal every time they open their mouths in my view. It was because of their terrible behaviour, that I was pleased to confront them at matches and at the fans meetings as well as in social media. Arsenal is too important to me to allow its cherished name to be so tarnished by the Haters.


As to the future only results matter. We ended well. The spirit was strong. The football was flowing and we won matches and scored good goals.

No question for me that earlier in the season the players lost their nerve. As Wenger has said many times, “Confidence comes slowly and goes quickly”.


He takes the criticism so he must also get the credit


If the manager takes responsibility for the downturn so, he must take the credit for the spirited and quality end to the season.

Supplemented with two big signings and the possibility of more to come there are good grounds for believing that the new season will enable us to sustain a title challenge.

We shall see.

We all know however many words are written it is only what happens on the pitch.


Now to some other points raised by readers of Arsenal Circular

Do we miss David Dein?

Only one answer – Yes

David was Arsenal through and through. He was talented, capable and with a phone directory to every key football person in the world.

He fell out with his fellow directors about sale of shares and about the decision to build the Emirates.

We do not know the whole story – it is just so sad that some strong City personality could not mediate the dispute between Dein and Fiszman for the benefit of AFC.

Certainly, David’s achievements will never be forgotten and I hope all Arsenal followers will let him know how much his contribution is appreciated. We miss him.


DD Missed



Is Kroenke the Wrong Man?

Towards the end of last season when Wenger – THFC apart – was accumulating significant wins – some fans changed tack.

Feeling it was inappropriate to attack Wenger they attacked Kroenke instead – said AFC was badly run; we needed a director of football; Wenger had too much power and more.

I see things quite differently – I admire the Owner and the Board for not bending and instead staying strong and firmly behind Wenger.

Life was uncomfortable for them – they must have taken dissension whenever and wherever they were. Easier for them to end with Wenger and appoint a replacement in his place.

It would have given them a quieter life.

They declined the easy way out – they took the abuse and stood behind Wenger

Well done – they showed character and strength.

Kipling’s “If” comes to mind.


And of course, AFC is in a terrible state

Low crowds, big debts, stars leaving in droves, relegation beckons.

Get my point?

Stable financial base, strong support (protestors notwithstanding), attracting big name players, bringing on bargain buys (Holding and Cohen), strong team spirit, near a relegation battle, never mid table ordinariness.




You are free to choose – you can be negative if you want. You can line up with Henry Winter and the Arsenal Supporters Trust  and you can associate with the perpetual moaners.

That is your freedom – your entitlement. However, do so with dignity, respect, and manners.

Turn your minds firmly against the loud mouths and the louts and the mob element.

They are not Arsenal.







Editor’s Note – Gunners Town welcomes views and opinions from all Arsenal fans and indivudual articles do not reflect a house view.

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