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Giroud vs Palace

No New Year’s Honours at the Palace for Fat Sam just a Gunners Salute – AFC v CPFC

Howdy. It’s a face-off with Crystal Palace for Arsenal on New Year’s day and a chance for the Gunners to close in on City and Liverpool, seeing as they play one another. What’s more, Tottenham host Chelsea on January 4th, providing us with a further opportunity to make up the lost ground. Fat Sam will […]

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Giroud vs West Brom

Olly Giroud makes his case as Arsenal welcome back the recently absent Mesut Ozil

Let me get this out of the way first: Arsenal deserved to win the game. Not so much because of the total domination in numbers: 76% possession, 26 shots, 11 on target. The Gunners deserved the three points as such domination was a result of their proactive approach and, let’s be honest, West Brom’s total […]

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The Most interesting selection of Season? – Ramsey/Coq, Ox/Iwobi, Walcott/Perez??

Howdy. We face Stoke today and this presents us with a chance to go top of the league, at least temporarily. Chelsea don’t play till Sunday, but there’s another hitch though: we’ll have to beat Stoke by three or more goals to go top. This doesn’t look too big an ask when you take into […]

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Insipid performance? Check. Unbalanced midfield? Check. One shot on target? Check – #AFC2PSG2.

Today I feel a strong urge to just copy and paste chunks of text from my United review. Insipid performance? Check. Unbalanced midfield? Check. One shot on target? Check. Giroud on the scoresheet? Check. I don’t see in what way our performance vs PSG was any better than our performance vs United. In fact, I […]

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A Poem for the North London Derby – This will stir the blood for North London is Red

The tension is building, my stomach is churning Nervous excitement and a passion that’s burning Both sides of the divide know what’s at stake Three points forgotten, bragging rights we will take Form not a factor when the North London teams collide Rivalries long standing, friendships and families divide Who wants it more on the […]

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Will Wenger risk his two Central Midfield ‘Hot Heads’ together in the Cauldron of the North London Derby?

“I’m more focused on the fact that this is more than a derby. It’s an important game for us because it’s a big home game and we have an opportunity to show that we have an interesting role to play in this Premier League, and that we can win these kinds of games too.” – […]

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Arsene Wenger’s Chorus – Money, game, faith, truth!

Money, game, faith, truth Now I will fess up and say, I’m not particularly a Macklemore fan and before I’d read this quote I hadn’t heard of the song but I actually quite like it and I believe the chorus sums up Arsene to a tee. “Make the money, don’t let the money make you’ […]

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A Granit Swiss Rock or a Returning French Coq to bash the Swans? – No birds harmed in the writing of this blog!!

Howdy. Premier League action finally returns and with it does the actual football. This weekend promises to be very exciting for neutrals, as Chelsea take on Leicester in an early kick-off on Saturday, City face Everton on Sunday and United go to Anfield to try and slow down Klopp’s men. Oh, there’s also the small […]

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Palace Emirates

Wenger built a Palace fit for the Kings of London whilst Stamford Bridge is falling down

I have just returned from holidays in Benidorm. I watched all the big matches and I was surprised and disappointed to find that Arsenal supporters were thin on the ground. Thankfully though, I did not meet a single Spud. The big screens were captured by Utd, City and Liverpool and even Celtic fans! Anyway, I paid 2.4 […]

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Leaked document reveals new Emirates statues planned for coming year – EXCLUSIVE!

I had a conversation on Twitter yesterday about what constitutes a legend in Arsenal terms and in the conversation the possibility of the next Gunner great to be cast in bronze at the Emirates was raised. It brought to mind a blog I wrote in February 2013 for my old site. It was written around […]

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