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The Very Best of Arsenal at The Emirates Era – Part 1

As a lack of football and Arsenal continues and times look bleak, we at GT decided we would do a three part special on our memories so far of the Emirates era, 14 years after moving to Ashburton Grove from Highbury.  It would be fairly safe to say I think that no one is placing […]

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems? Arsenal’s Wage Structure may not be the Worst Thing in the World!

Adebayor is back in the Premier League having recently signed for Crystal Palace.  I came across a tweet that took a dig at the player’s lack of loyalty and referring to him as a mercenary.  Some time ago, I may have shared that sentiment; but, the Togolese forward’s letter of warning – posted some time […]

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You've only come to see Eboue

Eboue speaks of Arsenal Return – Shiny disco balls and late night booty calls

My old man always said “Son, never give them your surname and never go back”, great advice (mmmm) but there are always some worth a late night booty call*.  Sol and Henry got their second chance at love and of course Flame in in his 3rd year of a rekindle romance with the Gunners. Are […]

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The Battle for 5th Place – A Gooner’s View of Other Clubs of the 2014-15 Season Part 7A

Hi everyone. This is part seven of my series of blogs about the status of the Premiership Clubs of the 2014-2015 Season following the conclusion of the League season. In this blog, I’ll be focusing on Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. Because of the size this one will be split into 2 with Spurs first and […]

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The Low down on Patrick Vieira and Project Emirates – Exclusive

The first rule of Project Emirates is… Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Look we can’t get Wenger to be our manager, know matter hope much money I throw at him he just won’t leave Arsenal. He said it had something to do with respect and ‘honoring a contract’.  Khaldoon Al Mubarak Well boss, we’ve […]

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Luis Suarez is proof that Arsenal can’t copy Bayern Munich’s accomplishments and dominate the Premier League

It’s January, it’s the transfer season. But I don’t want to talk transfer rumours today. I want to talk about transfer tactics, which are a huge topic in Germany at the moment. As everyone may have read, the Robert Lewandowski saga came to an end this Saturday. Nothing to be surprised about to be honest […]

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“Yaya Sanogo, you’re better than that loser from Togo”

Le Groove Morning Gooners, it’s time to taste a bit of French cheese (as you know, France is basically defined by three major things: cheese, wine and hairy women) Today I wish to talk about the U20 French team and its best striker named Yaya Sanogo, who is also, at this time, the main transfer […]

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Three of the best Arsenal goals at White Hart Lane

It is no secret that this Sunday’s North London derby is a huge clash with many connotations. Not only has the rival between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur intensified over the past few years, due to one’s rise and the other’s decline, but a place in the Champions League is also on the line as well […]

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[VIDEO] Blackburn Rovers at the Emirates; there can only be one winner

Arsenal versus Blackburn Rovers is one of those games that you just cannot contemplate anything but a home win. Ahead of the two sides meeting in the FA Cup on Saturday, the Gunners have annihilated the Lancashire outfit every time they have step foot in North London, especially since Arsenal moved just down the road […]

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Adebayor; from hero to zero (Video)

With over three quarters of the game still to play, there was a lingering fear that there was only one way the North London derby was going to end after Spurs were reduced to 10 men. These fears were ultimately realised, as Arsenal ran out 5-2 winners at home to their bitter rivals Tottenham.  Spurs had taken the […]

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