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Slipping away from us

Arsenal’s targets are slipping away from us…or are they?

I’ll tell you something you’d probably never believe: in a way, Twitter ruined me. Yes, I got the sense of not being alone by joining it and I’m happy I did. But there’s a downside (isn’t there always?): I now find it really hard to formulate a definitive opinion on something. I like to call […]

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“I have a little coq…” says Arsene Wenger…..

Arsene in fact said, “I have a little cock n’ bull story to tell you, about transfers”, but never mind, he kind of said it… right? Ah yes, that time of year again, when every word is twisted to make a story of transfer related bullshit. (I think I may have used this before, but […]

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A is for Arsenal and A is Wenger’s Plan – There is no Plan B but Kondogbia is it.

I think that we can all agree that last night’s match was dreadful to watch. Sunderland came to the Emirates with only one idea: stifle the match and earn the draw that they needed to stay up. Sadly, it seemed that Arsenal only arrived with one idea too: pass it around the edge of the […]

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Arsenal’s 5 Point Plan to win the Premier League and more in 2015/16

Arsenal – Many minds are drifting towards the next challenges that lie ahead. Well I am. I am going to pontificate, speculate and try my best to articulate what I feel Arsenal as a club need to do to win the league NEXT season!! Here are Five Points from Clive. 1) We need a new Keeper:  It […]

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Arsenal could finally splash the cash and sign these five players before the end of the summer transfer window

Gunners Town Top 5 This is it. No not the Michael Jackson movie/album but the fact that we’re into the final week of the transfer window before we’re left with what we have until the overpriced January jumble sale hits us. The next seven days could be absolutely pivotal as far as the rest of […]

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