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Mickey Thomas goal

Wined, dined and 89’d… An Arsenal Love Affair.

Another fantastic guest post by @R_GOONER Having not been invited to the premier last week (but I’m over it) it was a great pleasure to dig deep into my pocket for the 89p to be at the Emirates to watch the Membership screening of the 89 film. (Ed: if you haven’t read it yet, read […]

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The Making of 89 – ‘A fabulously serendipitous game of dominoes’ with Amy Lawrence and Lee Dixon

Arsenal supporters of all ages and from all over the world are keenly awaiting the general release of ’89 The Film’. The new movie, inspired by the unique climax to the 1988/89 Division One season, that saw The Gunners, having seemingly thrown the title away, travel to Anfield for the last match of the season […]

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1989 BP (Before Premier League) – Memories of the 26th May 1989

1989 BP (Before Premier League) SkySports won’t talk about because it’s pre-Premier League and therefore didn’t actually happen. But for us Gooners, 26th May 1989 was the most traumatic, dramatic and euphoric 90 minutes of our lives. With the release of the documentary ’89’ on 20th November (29th for us in Australia 😟) I thought […]

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Eddie driving forward with ball

Arsenal’s Youngest Captain – Too Much too Young for Eddie Kelly

This week’s trip down memory lane takes us back to the 1970’s, when a young Glaswegian was making his mark at The Arsenal. He wasn’t one of the first names that fans would mention when talking about the 1971 Double squad. Nevertheless, Eddie scored two of the most important goals in the history of Arsenal […]

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George Graham – Have bungs, Sp*rs and Wenger undermined his legacy?

George Graham was the Arsenal manager between 1986 and 1995. At this point he is our second-best ever manager, based on trophies, win percentage, and overall legacy. The premier manager is Wenger, of course. Wenger has won ten trophies with us, though Graham won six, including a European trophy that Wenger hasn’t attained to date. […]

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Booing never helped

Football has changed – can Arsenal keep up?

ARSENAL CIRCULAR 170 APRIL 2017 We need a break from the Wenger IN Wenger OUT. The arguments have been well rehearsed and repeated and I have made my own views clear on Twitter @arsenalcircular so I thought it useful to reflect on past highs and lows and how they were handled. But “context is everything”. […]

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30 Years On this Midfield Hardman and Playmaker would walk into Arsenal’s Midfield

So it is back to the 1980’s for this week’s trip down memory lane to revisit a player whose time with The Arsenal was all too brief. It was said at the time that when he played well Arsenal played well. It is our highly combative midfield playmaker Steve Williams.   Willow could control the […]

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Mickey Mouse or Mickey Momentum?

The League Cup for Arsene/Arsenal – Mickey Mouse or Mickey Momentum?

A quick look at my Twitter time line yesterday informed me, without reading the press, that Arsenal fans were debating whether the League Cup is a major trophy, aggrieved at the press praising Man United and Mourinho. The phrase ‘Mickey Mouse Trophy’ is being aired of course, by bitter Arsenal supporters jealous of United’s day […]

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Nutty coming away with the ball

Arsenal’s very Own Nutty Boy – A True Gunner Legend

We are taking a trip in the time machine back to the late 1980’s for this week’s Highbury Hero. Arsenal have had some brilliant left backs over the years and this man is no exception. Such a consistent player and a member of the famous back four. It is Nigel “Nutty” Winterburn. Nigel was highly […]

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Time still on his side?

Chelsea, Man U, Man City & Liverpool 42 v Arsene Wenger 1 – The Prize for Stability or Stability the Price?

Some interesting information can be gleaned from an article by John Stanton of BBC. He poses some topical questions – is Wenger a reluctant spender? Has his second decade been a let-down? Has he transformed our national game? How will he be judged? On the silverware front he follows just one manager – Alex Ferguson. […]

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