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Mike Dean is the Referee v Sheffield United – Bad News for Gunners?

I think it is save to say that Arsenal fans do not have a soft spot for Mike Dean. The experienced match official has a reputation for being a tad trigger happy with his cards and Arsenal a suffered a few decisions that we might have thought harsh or debatable. Of course, his much discussed […]

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With Wenger acting as if he does not give 2 Effs, is it ‘Au revoir Arsene and Ciao Carlo’?

Have you ever quit a job but been told to work your notice, your actions can tend to be a little different than usual. Maybe you try a little less than you used to, all of a sudden, you are a lot more honest when speaking to annoying colleagues, and you can finally say what […]

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Alexis vs Hull City

If there are any positives from Arsenal 0-0 Hull City they are all in this review :)

Well, that didn’t quite go according to plan, did it? However it also could have been worse: when Aluko took aim from what would be Hull’s only shot on target, I was prepared for the worst. It was a genuine heart-in-the-mouth moment, which would have felt like a cold shower had Aluko been a half-decent […]

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Costa Claw

Costa’s claw blinds pundits; brings more shame to the game

Saturday was a farce of a football game, if we can even call it a football game. After that Gabriel red card, it was difficult to continue watching the television screen under the belief that you were witnessing a football match played at the very highest professional level. It’s a game that left a bitter […]

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A Role for Joel and will we finally see our young Pole – Campbell/Bielik set for NLD?

So, it’s a North London derby in the first round of the Capitol One Cup to keep us entertained. For the last couple of years we have persistently been getting rather tough opponents in the opening rounds of both cups: Southampton last year and Chelsea before that in CoC, Hull and Spurs in FA Cup. All […]

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Proof that Mike Dean is an Anti-Arsenal Spud and further proof that Mourinho is a Cnut

Penny for your thoughts? Whatever anyone says about Mike Dean, both reds were reds. Angel Gabriel shouldn’t have let Costa get under his skin and he should have been cleverer about his retribution (talk to Keown) and not undertaken a minor Beckham in front of the ref 2 seconds after getting a yellow. As for Santi’s, […]

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Gabriel sent off

Atrocious Dean ‘Costa’ Arsenal the result: Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

Initially I had no intention of writing the review. Not because I was fuming at the result (I was, though), but because the game was lost courtesy of a highly incompetent Dean. Why write about something so trivial and done to death already? I mean, how many times can we say Mike Dean was horrible? […]

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Is Mike Dean to blame for a Decade without a Title or is Arsene?

It must be said the game on Saturday was incredibly frustrating and it’s certainly fair for us to feel hard done by but I really didn’t expect anything from the game regardless, we wouldn’t have taken anything in the end I’m certain, there’s no way of proving this but Wenger’s poor record against Jose is […]

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