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Dear England: love Saka all you like, but hands off – he’s ours!

To the shock of absolutely nobody, I didn’t want England to win the Euros. I make no apologies for it. It’s how football works. When Arsenal went out of the Europa League, I didn’t start supporting Man Utd because they got further. On the contrary, I put pretty much all the energy that was left […]

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Bloody hell! Score some goals! An historic look at Arsenal’s current predicament.

BLOODY HELL, SCORE SOME GOALS!As if it was easy… As a 37 year-old man, I couldn’t fully appreciate the boring, boring Arsenal days; when I first met the Gunners, in 1994, the George Graham era was scarily close to its end – although none had a clue about it. The Cup Winners’ Cup final was […]

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Can't take no mo' Salah

Arsenal: The Conspiracy Theory [Satire]

Arsenal : the Conspiracy Theory Honest, it’s a hoax, it’s all a plot to stop Liverpool winning their first title in 30 odd years  and ……… Dec 2019 – Apparently, someone in China eats something they shouldn’t  27th Feb 2020 – Knowing what’s about to play out over the next few months, Arsenal lose to […]

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Ozil was targeted by Guardiola

Positives, Needs and Hopes: Worryingly Easy for City? Or 1st Game “Free Pass” for Arsenal?

Well, that looked like a true team against a new team. Not an excuse, just facts in action. Formation 4-2-3-1 POSITIVES * Maitland Niles’s glides in possession and exudes so much confidence on the ball. I hope, as he gets older he keeps this carefree love for the ball and does not over think or […]

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Future not.looking great...

Finally – an actual solution to the problem that is Arsenal (Part 1)

If you were in charge at Arsenal Football Club! (PART 1) So, we are all frustrated with Arsenal. Different levels, but frustrated. Even folks that think Wenger is doing fantastic work right now can’t love 6th place. I’m sure it’s not just me that thinks about what they would do if they could make the […]

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Shit officiating

The Gunners prove they are not shy as the officials hang them out to dry: Manchester City 3-1 Arsenal

So the near-impossible didn’t happen despite my somewhat elevated expectations and we went down to City at the Etihad. However, while I do not feel particularly upbeat about the loss itself (no one ever does, do they?), yesterday we didn’t see a capitulation akin to that at Anfield. There’s a lot of talking points to […]

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A replacement of the Guardiola ilk wouldn't need Wenger to be upstairs

Does Arséne have Pep in his Step?

They hang over us like a cloak of impending doom: big games against our top-of-the-table rivals which have given Gooners little joy in recent years. Many cite the reasons for our shortcomings as style of play only being conducive to beating bottom half teams, lack of tactical flexibility, or even lack of overall quality/team depth. […]

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