Arsenal: The Conspiracy Theory [Satire]

Arsenal : the Conspiracy Theory

Honest, it’s a hoax, it’s all a plot to stop Liverpool winning their first title in 30 odd years  and ………

Dec 2019 – Apparently, someone in China eats something they shouldn’t 

27th Feb 2020 – Knowing what’s about to play out over the next few months, Arsenal lose to Olympiakos and apparently write off any European football next season

Auba misses

29th Feb 2020 – on a day trip to Watford, Liverpool decide to stop recording the sequel: The Invincibles II

10th March 2020- Olympiakos owner is confirmed with coronavirus.

11th March 2020 – The plan starts taking shape and Arsenal vs City postponed 

No City game

13th March 2020 – Arteta confirmed with Coronavirus

14th March 2020 – The plan goes into overdrive and the  EPL is postponed until mid April

3rd April 2020 – EPL Season suspended indefinitely, one more piece in the puzzle

May 2020 – Season declared null & void and by a majority of 19 to 1, it is decreed that no title will be awarded.

August 2020 – City’s Champions League ban up held and, based on the 18/19 season results, Arsenal get ‘promoted’ to fourth (and a trophy?).

The plan worked out perfectly, Arsenal qualify for the UCL and the plan is executed to perfection.

Can't take no mo' Salah

Liverpool declare it is daylight robbery……a normal Saturday in Merseyside.

Caveat: no offence is meant by my silly piece, it’s just some light-hearted relief in these troubling times.

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