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Could the Chelsea/Abramovich drama be the start of a bigger sportswashing reckoning?

News that the UK government had placed a freeze on the assets of Chelsea Football Club’s oligarch owner Roman Abramovich threw the football world into a frenzy yesterday. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of the ramifications of the sanctions, or wax lyrical about who may end up buying Chelsea (and […]

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Plenty to look forward to

Emery may have inherited a mess – but Arsenal is our beautiful mess, and I’m excited for the season ahead

I watched as much of our pre season fixtures as possible and wanted to share some of my initial observations of what I’ve seen so far in the Unai Emery era. Before I do that, I would like to take the opportunity to point out that offering opinions that don’t blow smoke up the players […]

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Unai Emery with the man he is set to replace

The Case of the Wrong Spaniard: Unai Emery Tops Arteta in Race to Become Arsenal’s New Manager

In this series of articles I have been looking at some of the favourites to be the next head coach of Arsenal, looking into the tactics and players they may fit into side should they join. In this final part we look at a late entry to the list Unai Emery, the Spaniard who is […]

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Jardim in – The outstanding candidate to replace Wenger

  “The Premier League is a very important championship, perhaps the most important in Europe. Everybody would one day like the opportunity to work there.” – Leonardo Jardim That opportunity may come sooner rather than later for the Venezuelan native, following a broad spectrum of news outlets have reported in recent days. However, there’s a […]

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Neymar to PSG: the Beginning of the End of Football as we know it.

MODERN FOOTBALL, WHERE WILL IT ALL END? ££££££££ I know it’s extremely satisfying to see Barcelona lose one of their best players to another club. It’s karma for what they did to Arsenal, taking Cesc Fabregas and other players away from us. But even so the Neymar deal doesn’t seem right to me. In fact […]

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Insipid performance? Check. Unbalanced midfield? Check. One shot on target? Check – #AFC2PSG2.

Today I feel a strong urge to just copy and paste chunks of text from my United review. Insipid performance? Check. Unbalanced midfield? Check. One shot on target? Check. Giroud on the scoresheet? Check. I don’t see in what way our performance vs PSG was any better than our performance vs United. In fact, I […]

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Has Wenger been testing out a Xhaka/Ramsey Pivot for tonight’s decider v PSG?

  Howdy. We take on PSG today in what will be a battle for the top spot in Group A. The winner gets Bayern/Atletico in the last 16 … Kidding, kidding. It’s actually Borussia/Real. However, on the off chance we get lucky + there’s no tampering with the draw this season, it is worth beating […]

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Ospina v PSG

No more Slow Motion Football Wenger – Time for Blood and Thunder to replace Luck and Blunder

What I took from the PSG match. I was mystified when I saw the team selection. No Xhaka, No Giroud. Ospina for Cech? At the weekend I assumed that Xhaka was not selected because he was being saved for this match. The same applied to Giroud and I could not believe that Wenger would repeat […]

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Arsenal restore Pride once Giroud back in the centre and Alexis back Wide – #PSG1AFC1

So, we are under way in group A and, while it can hardly be called a flying start, at least we have a point to show for it. A lot of things I want to discuss with you, so I’ll get straight to them. The result If you offered me a draw before the game, […]

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So does spending equal automatic Premier League Success? Is it as simple as that?

Arsenal’s start to the season has done no favors to the notion that this squad can win the league.  Unsurprisingly, the clamoring for buying a new striker or backup defensive midfielder or any other ‘we need’ you may have heard, has only increased fervently. Apparently, we must spend.  Apparently, we must show our ambition by […]

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