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Preparing for the absent: how Arteta prioritized strategy over personnel [ARS 1-2 CHE]

Preparing for the absent POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I’m normally not in the camp of folk who say pre-season is just for fitness and rhythm. I’m still not. As a coach it is pivotal, not just for players to get in the groove but to try out the most important tactics/strategies that you want to […]

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Will Arsenal go to Top Man? (Why I believe Arsenal will still spend big this summer)

Will Arsenal go to Top Man? POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES (A Summer-so far report) Are you concerned that we haven’t signed the players we need yet? That the players we’ve signed aren’t going to make the immediate impact on the first team that we need? That the club won’t actually have the money or time […]

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Small happy, bigger frustration – too little, too late and a bullet dodged? [ARS 2-0 BHA]

Small happy, bigger frustration POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Perhaps I’m overthinking this as the answer to my frustrations could be so very simple. It’s the last game and the pressures off, right? The players would rather have not played in the Conference league, I’m sure. But…. Why were so many of our season long problems […]

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The 4 Minute Rebellion – Arsenal players seize the initiative and save Arteta from himself

The 4 Minute Rebellion POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I might be reaching here. Could be wrong. I’m happy to say this as it’s truth. Watching the game yesterday something jumped off the screen at me. We had spent 90 minutes trying to execute Arteta’s passing patterns. We then binned them. Then we won. It’s also […]

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Little Lucky Wins Back – One-nil to The Tenacious Arsenal as Arteta Gets it Right

Little Lucky Winks Back POSITIVES, NEEDS AND HOPES Amongst the wash of badness that Arsenal have been this season, Arsenal have also been unlucky. Perhaps all teams are as unlucky as us? I don’t pay close enough attention to all of them to know. I can say however, that I can’t remember a season being […]

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A little glimpse, but not enough – Arsenal’s future, and Arteta’s role in it…

A little glimpse, but not enough POSITIVES,NEEDS and HOPES There was so much about yesterday that could’ve been better. Happier. Perhaps, hopeful. I was trying to feel more excited but couldn’t fake it. All 3 goals were ordinarily seat jumpers but my son and I only managed a token fist pump. Perhaps like you, I […]

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Has it taken Smith Rowe to be Arsenal’s Fekir for Lacazette to thrive again?

When Alexandre Lacazette signed for Arsenal in the July of 2017, expectations were high, the frustrations surrounding Oliver Giroud had reached boiling point and many hoped that a more clinical striker would ease the burden on the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. The ninety-one goals in his past three seasons did a lot […]

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Never learnt to kill – how Arsenal Past is crippling Arsenal Future (Positive Needs & Hopes)

Never learnt to kill POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I was watching the game yesterday and wondering if there were 3 teams out there. ‘Arsenal current’, Fulham and ‘Arsenal past’. We started the game with energy and intent. We didn’t get the goal but I enjoyed the desire to do so as it’s been a rare […]

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Arsenal Pressed and Pounced like a Panther in Prague – Positives, Hopes and Needs

Like a Panther POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES That was one incredibly well coached game. Slavia insisted on playing out from the back and were fine in the first phase. Second phase their midfield couldn’t connect. I watched, paused, re-wound the TV and saw what was happening. Arteta had set us up to tempt them. To […]

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…. and the door slides open: How these 3 Arsenal players might have saved Arteta’s future…

…… and the door slides open POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES In the 14 months that Mikel Arteta has been at Arsenal he has experienced every curve of the rollercoaster that most managers would enjoy and endure in a decade. I sit here a few hours post game and I wonder if he knows that he […]

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