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Coq jumping: our super-DM gets his own meme

I know this isn’t 4Chan. Or 9Gag. Or ebaumsworld. But posting these pics on those sites would go down like a lead balloon. So I’m posting them here, in the hope that they inspire you to put Coq in his rightful (elevated/superior) place. I’ve included the transparent Coq cutout at the bottom of this post so […]

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Henry shows his class - and how much Gio was valued...

Gio: the unsung Arsenal hero that Thierry rated

Today’s Arsenal unsung hero is a bit of a left-field shout. it is a fair to say that he had a fairly unassuming Arsenal career, and there isn’t really one single standout moment from him wearing the Arsenal colours…but…for me, he was part of one of the most exciting summers that I can remember. He […]

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