Yes, we are still THE ARSENAL

Yes, The Arsenal

Yes the result sucked

Yes Maureen did one on us again

Yes we are hurting

Yes we weren’t at our best

Yes we had 70% possession 

Yes we only had 2 shots on target

Yes our creativity is virtually non existent 

Yes we have our ‘potential’ creative solution sitting at home earning £350k a week

Yes we pass it sideways as a norm

Yes Arteta is under pressure


Yes only the bottom 3 have scored less than us

Yes we are 15th in the league


Yes this is our worse start ever to a Premier League season 

Yes the sun rose this morning 


Yes we are all alive and ok

Yes we will continue to support The Arsenal come what may

Yes, you can change your job or home or even wife.. Dare not change the club

 ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’


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