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The Barcelona iPad Scouting App says the same as Citeh’s – We need Jack Wilshere this Summer

So here we go again. It’s not even April and the ‘Cant’alans are bloody well at it again. With Xavi joining the Qatari gravy train this summer, Barca need a midfielder to fill his immense boots. So Luis Enrique has whipped out his iPad, started up his scouting app, set the search to its default […]

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Is it time for Arsenal to say ‘Cheerio to Theo?’ – The Walcott Conundrum Part 1

Before reading this article might I ask that you please take off your red and white spectacles and try to be objective rather than allow your loyalty to the club and our players to cloud your view. Weighing up a conundrum is never easy, especially when so many variables apply. In the case of a […]

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Cesc Fabregas will return to Arsenal and reject Manchester United and here is why

Gunners Town Top 5 I imagine I’m not the only one who is feeling this way, but my god does it grind my gears to hear the words ‘Cesc Fabregas’, ‘joining’ and ‘Manchester United’ in the same sentence, especially when those suck-asses at Sky Sports News are practically gagging for him to make Old Trafford […]

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The unbalanced Cesc Fabregas needs to say adiós to Barcelona

​La Liga Vibes​ It’s recently been rumoured that Cesc Fabregas may be returning to Arsenal in the summer. Whilst I’m not his biggest fan, after he went on strike and was quite unprofessional about leaving the Emirates, I’d still take him back in a heartbeat. Cesc is a player who has the potential to be […]

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