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Ozil slump

Özil and Arsenal – Caught in a Bad Romance

For far too long Özil and Arsenal have been intertwined in a sadly tragic affair. Both player and club are reminding me of the hit Lady Gaga song, Bad Romance. One particular line in the song goes as follows, “You and me could write a bad romance”.  That line is strangely fitting as I am […]

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Auba Signs Da Fing – Transfer Dominoes (Episode 24)

Episode 24 “Auba Signs Da Fing · Transfer Dominoes” Gav, Mike and Paul wax lyrical about Auba’s signing, how Arteta is making Arsenal an attractive destination for top players, and what needs to happen before the transfer window ends to get Arsenal’s squad in line with restrictions.. Should Ozil even be included in the squad?! […]

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Willian 1600x900 announcement

Willian and Saka to rotate as Attacking Central Midfielders in a Season of Surprises in 20/21

Season of Surprises – Crystal Ball 20/21…. Asking the GT readers (Part 1) For the first time in a generation I’m very excited about an Arsenal season.  Fans feed on belief and Mikel Arteta is obliging. To preview the season, I thought it would be fun to ask the Gunners Town readers for your opinion […]

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Piebury Feels Forever – Adios Don Raul! – The Rise and Rise of Arteta (Episode 20)

Episode 20 “Piebury Feels Forever” Chris and Gav talk through the sad (but hopefully temporary) demise of Piebury Corner, as well as the control Arteta now might have at the club after the hasty exit of Don Raul Sanllehi. Another bite-sized chunk of Arsenalness delivered fresh to your cranium. Tune in and see why the […]

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Will.I.An? Mesut Won’t. GK Shootout! (Episode 19)

Episode 19 “Will.I.An? Mesut Won’t. GK Shootout.” Gav, Dave and Mike dive into the muddy waters of the transfer market: who will sign? and when? Also a quick look at the Ozil Saga as it enters its Final Season (or not?) – and what to do about our abundance of fine shotstoppers… it’s a shootout […]

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New Theory – Mesut Ozil has in fact retired already!!

Sometimes fans come up with the craziest of ideas and theories. Some go noticed by many like the banners and the attitudes of fans on social media going global. And when I mean ideas, this is something not based on transfers like we should buy player x because of his reputation or because he had […]

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The Arsenal road not taken: how we got here [Part One]

NOTE: This was written before the So’ton game. But for me, the issues at Arsenal Football Club have been a cascade of continually BAD decisions. It’s like a butterfly-effect of poor actions and wrong points, leading to our stellar mid-table placing currently. There is the poem of the “road not taken…” and how choices shape […]

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Unai Emery: The Art of Saving Face (and Dishing Shade)

Unai Emery has been out of work since he was sacked by Arsenal on the 29th November last year. He has been relatively quiet since his unceremonious departure from North London, and to his credit he conducted himself with class upon leaving and in any brief media correspondence since. But, like most managers, I knew […]

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If the Arsenal’s Cash Cupboard is bare – Play the kids Mikel if you dare!

He went to the cupboard and the cupboard was bare? As a bat out of hell has caused the whole world to grind to a full stop and left us all teetering on the edge of Dante’s inferno, football must take a long hard look at itself. The EPL especially, must gulp a large intake […]

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Should he stay or should he go? The Ozil debate rages on…

Mesut Ozil: how can he maintain his best form and stay in the Arsenal team? “Mesut Ozil was once one of the best, if not the best, playmakers in Europe. His assist numbers, as well as his underlying metrics in the form of key passes and expected assists were phenomenal.” This comment from Alfie Culshaw […]

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