10 things that prove you’re an Arsenal fan

WTTGT Writer: Tashan Deniran-Alleyne

There are many Arsenal fans in the world, from all ages, gender, backgrounds and nationalities. But what separates the real Gooners from those who claim to support Arsenal?

This list will highlight ten things that prove your love for Arsenal is legitimate.

10.  You remember the moment when you became a Gooner.

In my last article I spoke of when I became an Arsenal fan. Some people remember special moments in their lives, like first jobs, now this is the type of memory that legit fans will never forget.

9.  You follow everything Arsenal related.

Knowing about more than just the Arsenal first-team proves your legitimacy. If you follow the reserves, under 18s and the women’s team this shows commitment. Although you may not watch their games week in and week out, knowing of the up and coming youth team players and being aware of what is happening in the women’s league is something that only legit Arsenal fans can adhere to.

8.  You still have your Arsenal collection.

True legit fans will still have everything Arsenal related, whether it’s your Arsenal tops, mugs, towels, shorts, socks, slippers, bed sheets, dressing gowns, track-suits and anything else.  The fact that you keep them shows how much they mean to you therefore making you a true fan.

7.  You dreamed of playing for the Gunner’s growing up.

If you are a legit Gooner then it must have been a childhood dream to play at either at Highbury or the Emirates stadium. What would have been better than to emulate your heroes and step out on to the pitch as an Arsenal player with the fans screaming you name?

6.  You have a well thought-out Arsenal FC top 5 player list.

Every true fan must have a list of their top 5 players for the team they support. Some players will make it on fans list due to the success a player has helped bring to club, whereas some determine their list due to player ability and loyalty to their club.

5.  Your opinion on Arsenal is deeper than “spend money or “sack Wenger.”

Every Arsenal fan has their opinion on the current state of the club, but the legit Arsenal fan can hold an equal discussion with another supporter, giving their opinion as well as listening to the other side of the debate. But for every true supporter there are many stubborn fans, who simply believe their opinion is the only thing worthy, yet when you hold discussions with them they are pretty much clueless.

4.  You wear your Arsenal shirt with pride, no matter the result!

A legit Arsenal fan can witness the team lose on a Saturday, then sport their Arsenal top the next day with their head held high; that’s the mark of a true Gooner, showing faith in the team at all times. The people that hide their shirts away after a defeat, then to only bring them out after an Arsenal win, should take a leaf out of a legit fan’s book.

3.  You remember your first ever Arsenal game.

Similar to number 10, only a legit Gooner can tell the full story of their first ever game, be it at Highbury or the Emirates. They will be able to recall the date, the opposition, the competition, and the final score and give a detailed match report amongst other things that happened that day.

2.  You have stayed loyal to Arsenal throughout the ‘dry’ spells.

Whether it’s the lack of trophies, lack of big-money signing or the sales of top players, the legit Arsenal fans have stuck to Arsenal like glue through the good and the bad times. They have never swayed to join mega-rich teams such as Man City or Chelsea. The true fans stay loyal to their team no matter what.

1.    A legit dislike for Tottenham Hotspur.

This one is probably the most important one of them all. You CAN’T be a true Gooner and like the North London rivals one bit; it just doesn’t make any sense. If you’re upset when they win and ecstatic when they lose, then you can class yourself as a legit Arsenal fan.

5 Responses to 10 things that prove you’re an Arsenal fan

  1. July 1, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    1. thing that proves you've wasted your time = You've read this article.

  2. KAi July 1, 2011 at 8:51 am #

    Bit of a patchy article in places, slightly sappy. Also folowing the womens league doesn't make you a gooner, it makes you a lesbian.

  3. Mikael July 1, 2011 at 9:01 am #

    Which shows why Diaby wearing a Spurs shirt…and ADMITTING that he does…is the most ridiculous thing ever. Can you imagine loyal players like Tony Adams even touching the shirt?

  4. goonerblood July 1, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    I especially like #5 & #2, but disagree on #7 & #3. Gooners are worldwide, and haven't necessarily been Gooners since an early age.I will substitute those for another one of my own:

    Growing up in a country where (real) football isn't even in the top 3 of sports for popularity, yet loyally supporting The Arsenal because you've developed a love for them against the odds.

  5. July 1, 2011 at 10:12 am #

    i disagree wid 7th n 3rd, one can be a true gooner with d rest 8 of them.

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