Taking the Tweets: Miyaichi #scaredaway

WTTGT Writer: Ryan Cottell

Frimpong – #noRyodinho

Having taken young Ryo Miyaichi under his wing this summer, Emmanuel Frimpong was particularly upset by the Japanese media’s targeting of ‘Ryodinho’ this week.

Frimpong initially announced the grand opening of Miyaichi’s Twitter account early Sunday morning: “Ok what you all been waiting for I got RYO on twitter @Ryodinho1 #DEEEEENCH”.

Ten hours later Miyaichi was forced to abandon Twitter due to negative feedback from his native press, as Frimpong explained: “Ryo won’t be joining Twitter because the Japan Press made a story about him saying why is he using Ryodinho calling him BIG TIME so he said sorry”.

All Arsenal fans will be disappointed, although it surely won’t be long until Ryo returns with a more subtle Twitter title!

Denilson – #burningbridges

Having got the move both sides were hoping for, although only in a temporary deal, Denilson continued to burn bridges with Arsenal fans this week.

After receiving some negative comments on his Twitter account following his loan deal to Sao Paulo, Denilson responded with a blunt “F##K you TOO!!!!!”

While not many fans will miss Denilson too much, the abuse is perhaps a bit harsh when compared to the disloyalty being shown higher up in the ranks this summer.

Craig Eastmond – #gussyingup

With the squad looking a little thin, and the season fast approaching, it is looking likely that some of the younger members of Wenger’s squad will be given a chance this season.

Craig Eastmond is well aware of this fact, clearly conscious that starring for the first team means being seen by a lot more people through television coverage.

He has been using his time this week to ensure his smile doesn’t fail to dazzle in his big opportunity. “gotta stay awake 4 30mins bcos im putting hydrogen peroxide gel on my teeth, so I have nice white teeth” he Tweeted on Wednesday evening.

Let’s just hope the missed sleep doesn’t mean that Eastmond’s performances fail to match his pearly whites when the season gets going.

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  1. rvp-fan July 26, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    Agree, Denilson is being a bit intense! Ha…ill be sure to take a look at Eastmond's teeth next time!

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