So Reus an upgrade on Walcott this summer? – Scouting Report from Germany

Reus for Theo?


The January transfer window shut only two days ago, but speculations are already gathering pace about possible high profile summer transfers. Let’s be honest. This deadline day was tedious as it hasn’t been for years and not only due to the fact we weren’t involved in any deadline day deals. It just wasn’t the time for last minute “big money ” moves that indicate the summer will be even more exciting.

A name surely on every top teams transfer agenda this summer will be German international Marco Reus. The Borussia Dortmund man has a release clause (around 25 mills €) in his contract that can be triggered from summer 2015. So watch out Dortmund the big clubs are coming for your man. Nothing new so far as this has been knowing for a while now. But would Marco Reus be someone to choose for Arsenal and if so where would he fit in? Do we even need him?
According to his injury record, he would be a perfect fit for Arsenal. In recent times, it seems he only has to be back from a long term injury to be tackled once to go straight back to the treatment room. He did not only miss Germany’s World Cup winning campaign but most of Borussia Dortmund’s first half of the season as well. But let’s focus on his footballing skills that are fantastic. Reus has some Alexis flair around him. He’s not that clinical goal scorer Alexis is. But his movements, his technique, and pace is just as good as the Chileans. Question is if we need another attacking midfielder/forward with the likes of Ox, Theo, Özil or Santi in the side. Our offensive strength hasn’t been this good for years which would let one say there is no room for a player like Reus that let’s face it cannot play as a DM.

But isn’t there room for improvement? Santi is in the form of his life, but he isn’t getting younger. Theo’s contract is up soon, and he was hit by injuries a lot in recent years. With the focus on winning the league sooner rather than later a player of Reus caliber needs to be persuaded no matter what. Particularly with a release clause this ridiculously low as his. So where would I fit him into the current Arsenal starting XI? The good thing with Reus, as with Özil as well is, that you can place him everywhere in the attacking section. Put him on the left or right wing or in a central position behind the strikers. You can even play him up front as a lone striker that isn’t the best position. He has played it for Dortmund in away matches and is capable of playing some excellent counter attacks. His style would give us even more fluent attacking style like we used to have back in the invincible days. Reus can switch positions from right to left wing that has been a successful tactical element of our game in recent weeks. So fitting him in is simple.

Reus vs Arsenal

From my point of view, a Reus transfer is not a question of “do we need him/where can he play”. It’s a matter of simply making your squad better and better. A high-quality squad gives you a lot of options in the big games and when the fixtures pile up. Of course, he would improve our squad. Anyone who questions that possibly has never seen him play. Poldi will be out of the door in a summer. Campbell just signed a new contract, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we let him go for a good fee if we can capture Akpoms signature as I think the young English lad is far better. A Sanogo deal isn’t unrealistic as well.With these transfers done, there is a lot of room to fit a player like Reus in. And if you want to keep players like Alexis happy you need to get them players of his capabilities around him. It sounds strange, but that’s just the way it is.

New deal for Chuba

With all the praise of Reus and his qualities I need to bring you down to earth. As much as I’d like to see him in an Arsenal shirt I don’t see him moving to North London. As it was reported in Germany last week that Munich have ended their pursuit of Reus I a) don’t think that’s genuine and b) think he will end up in Spain. With Barca having a transfer ban in place, ( at least for now. Who knows how they might get around it once more) Real Madrid is the place he will end up for me. Madrid doesn’t care if they need the player they just do it. Even if it’s for shirt sale reasons. And they are not afraid of letting “big” names leave if they think they can do better with a transfer.
So 25 mills € is a real bargain but will we be the one to snatch it? I sadly don’t think so.

But with the new fast & quick Arsenal transfer policy you just never know.


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One Response to So Reus an upgrade on Walcott this summer? – Scouting Report from Germany

  1. athlon February 4, 2015 at 7:35 pm #

    I’d love to see Reus in the squad, but simply can’t see happening. This is a similar situation like Cesc’s one the last year. Low RC, maybe Man United will buy him.
    If only Giroud hadn’t had his serious leg injury last year and hadn’t bought Welbeck. Maybe we’d have now a place in the squad and we could play Reus as a CF. But we won’t release him just after one year and Akpom is also knocking on the door.

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