50 Shad(e)s of Same Sh.t, Different Day – “We have too many injury prone players that the rest have to carry until they are run into the ground.”


So Arsenal have injury woes again. Bears shit in the woods, The Pope is Catholic and Dolly Parton sleeps on her back.

I’m usually pretty balanced with my views on Arsenal and oddly despite being the most emotional of characters, I don’t generally rant like a belligerent child over all things related to the club and rarely feel sentimental over players. I am however getting tired of the persistent injuries that blight our seasons and this year is particularly hard to take as I believe we have one of the best squads we’ve had in a very long time.

The problem with either being an AKB or a WOB is that you don’t and can’t take a balanced view on what is required to reign in the number of injuries we have. It’s all tinged with an agenda to either absolutely cane Wenger or to completely absolve him of any blame.

The way I see it, we have several issues –

We have too many injury prone players that the rest have to carry until they are run into the ground.

Actually that’s it. I don’t know about training methods, pitch hardness, rehabilitation, unlike so many on Twitter, nor will I pretend to.

What I do know is that some things are accidents that can’t be prevented (Le Coq) and some are inevitable through being overplayed (Sanchez). We can’t expect Worldies to sit on the bench behind some of our players, but we need decent back up to prevent our star players from getting injured because we don’t cope without them and play them until they drop.

Le Coq. overplayed

Le Coq. overplayed

We are carrying players that, as much as it pains me to say it, have no further business being at Arsenal (Rosicky, Arteta, dare I say it maybe even Jack?) I hope I’m wrong on that last one, but you can only get excited about the player someone COULD be for so long. We have some fabulous players in our squad and some that can no longer do a job for us in any playing capacity. We need to shift these players out and bring in reinforcements that aren’t injury prone. If the training pitch is the issue, why aren’t they all crocked? If it’s training methods, why aren’t they all injured?

Sorry Jack!

Sorry Jack!

Overplaying our ever reliables because the injury prone ones are always out for something is the issue. Then the Sicknotes come back and as surely as day follows night, they’re out again. The ever reliables are further depended upon and we run them into the ground.

Accidents happen (Giroud last season, Coquelin, Santi) but the persistent muscular injuries are boring the shit out of most Gooners now.

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Now I adore AW, always have, always will but this is on him to break the cycle. Many believe he isn’t the man to take us forward, many believe he is, I personally just want these ongoing problems addressed and I kinda don’t care who does it. We’re carrying too much deadwood and I’ve got no time for sentimentality, get rid of it and get us moving forward.

My first blog (and last most likely). Don’t worry as I won’t be on AFTV, Periscope or charging for my autograph #UpTheArse

Our thanks to our guest today Carly AKA @BobbyD1980 – An honest assessment telling it like it is!

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2 Responses to 50 Shad(e)s of Same Sh.t, Different Day – “We have too many injury prone players that the rest have to carry until they are run into the ground.”

  1. Anicoll5 December 3, 2015 at 3:43 pm #

    I feel your pain and a good piece.

    The slight flaw may lie in deciding if and when to designate a player a piece of injured deadwood and ship him out/give up.

    Robin spent season after season barely featuring an permanent injured, generally caused by his appearances for his national side, but in the two seasons he was genuinely fit he was superb. He ain’t popular now but he was then, oh yes. We would have cursed letting him go earlier and as a younger player if we had missed that late bloom.

    Dare I even put Theo in that category, and arguably not out of that category of players who have played in far fewer games because of injury. Again, hard eyed as I might be, Theo stays.

    • Carly December 3, 2015 at 11:15 pm #

      Thanks I agree it’s not easy to decide about deadwood I just feel Arteta & Rosicky age wise are done whereas RvP was still of an age where he could hit the heights of the player we knew he was. I was probably a bit premature about Jack I think that’s cos I do adore him & im desperate to see him succeed, it’s just frustrating! Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

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