Ozil Blames himself and his team mates whilst Wenger shifts responsibility to the Fans and everyone else

Agree to disagree

Agree to disagree

It would be fair to suggest that with FA Cup semi-finals to look forward to, Everton and Watford’s focus lies elsewhere and following Mesut Ozil’s comments regarding the team ‘screwing up’ our title chances this season, it is perhaps no coincidence that in the last two games, our form has significantly improved. After all, it is often said that a team that plays without pressure, is a team who plays with freedom and the team have certainly looked more at ease of late.

Having also said “we still have a chance of winning the title.”the words of the German midfielder suggest that although the players have not thrown in the towel, they do believe that winning the title is most likely beyond them this campaign. Arsene may consider Mesut’s comments to be an ‘unwelcome’ distraction but to supporters like myself who have grown increasingly frustrated with Wenger’s refusal to accept any responsibility for his team’s failings, Ozil’s words provide a refreshing alternative to those coming from a manager who blames the clubs supporters.

Fans blamed by Manager

Fans blamed by Manager

It is not only Arsene who has blamed the team’s poor form since the turn of the year on his critics amongst the clubs fan base. Although I thought I’d heard it all from the supporters who retain complete faith in his methods, I was wrong. Recently one supporter saw fit to compare the criticism of Arsene’s management, to challenging a surgeon about how he performs operations. His logic being that watching numerous episodes of the hospital themed TV drama series, Casualty, was the equivalent of being a spectator at football matches.

Sadly these comments were not part of an April Fools prank and some supporters are of the opinion that unless you have worked in a professional capacity within the game, you are not qualified to criticise those that do. This is a patronising statement that is frequently penned by members of the Arsene knows brigade and is a bizarre one considering the tactical side of the game is often over analysed and that the majority of managerial decisions are made by using basic logic – A significant difference to performing a serious medical procedure.

Wenger's Office?

Wenger’s Office?

My own thoughts are that every supporter, on whatever side of the fence they sit, is fully entitled to form an opinion on Wenger’s management by using their observational skills. I am not a professional musician either but I can tell when someone is playing out of tune. Perhaps those who remain unequivocal in their support of Arsene should focus on putting forward a reasoned argument as to why they believe he is still the right man to take the club forward, instead of attempting to belittle the opinions of others.

I have even seen Gary Neville’s recent sacking as Valencia manager be used as a reason why Wenger should not be replaced as our manager. With some supporters also attempting to use his dismissal as evidence to prove that even the best pundits, don’t always have the answers. However, Neville’s experience in Spain has no relevance to Wenger, the identity of his successor or the supporters who want Arsene gone. I have yet to see anyone urging the board to replace Arsene with an inexperienced managerial novice and my views are in no way related to those offered by pundits. They would change on a weekly basis if they were!

Whilst the league title is out of our hands and our recent form in the eyes on many, is yet another example of too little too late, this weekend’s visit to the Boleyn Ground provides another platform for the team to show just how far they have come in recent weeks.

Let’s keep up the momentum and ensure we finish above Spurs…..

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5 Responses to Ozil Blames himself and his team mates whilst Wenger shifts responsibility to the Fans and everyone else

  1. James Parkins April 9, 2016 at 10:10 am #

    If the deluded myopic manager of ours performed any self analysis then we might not still be waiting for a league title 12 years down the line since the last one! I make you right and Ozil right!

  2. Ian Martin April 9, 2016 at 10:58 am #

    Agree with what your saying
    You do not have to have been involved in the game to format correct opinions
    Only difference between coaches is that they have been drilled how to coaching take sessions then passed exams on it, the best rise to the top.
    Managers are different need to tell coaches what they want in training then have to make critical decisions on team selection, tactics, subs etc…….something Wenger’s is losing a grip on
    So your posts and football knowledge are spot on and never disagree even tho I have been a manager and you haven’t so that disproves the AKB’S assumption if you have not been in the game you know nothing.

  3. Bonitagooner April 9, 2016 at 11:18 am #

    Well written and spot on
    Ozil right
    Sadly though it will never change as long as wenger continues blames everyone else but himself

  4. Alex field April 9, 2016 at 12:12 pm #

    fully on point some who,say they are on the fence are deluding themselves i think

  5. Paul Simmonds April 9, 2016 at 4:34 pm #

    Well Nick, you were right not to read too much into the Everton and Watford results. Today showed that Ospina still couldn’t catch a cold and again he was nowhere for the first goal and then punched instead of catching the cross that led to the second. Is it me or does he seem rooted to his goal line for 99% of crosses? Drives me mad, especially when Cech is sat there on the bench! Ospina also let a very tame effort from Carroll bounce off him in the first half, he does this regularly. Our defending as a unit is a bloody shambles and we lack any physicality. West Ham changed their shape and Wenger as usual didn’t know how to respond. Bilic is a superior manager to the current version on Wenger. Like you said, I am sure he will blame everyone, anyone but himself. Good work chap!

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