EXCLUSIVE – The BEST Rant at the Anti-Arsenal Media and Philistine Pundits EVER


Occasional GT Columnist @LordHillwood let out a build up of anger at the media and pundits (cundits) with their anti-Arsenal agenda today. He unleashed umpteen 140 character tweets one after the other and having washed his mouth out with soap what follows may not see us in court!

All that is wrong in English football is bottled up in the essence of the failed, never was, talentless, thug, morons, attacking AFC, our fans and Arsene Wenger.

The, hoof, huff-puff work rate brigade, no skill, no strategy, elbows in the face are good -backed up by white granddads in the Football Association.

The perception by this group of illiterate football wise and their ex bitter colleagues in the media and “journos” that assault and running around kicking people is good and acceptable.

The element who were outraged when AFC appointed Arsene ‘Who’ Wenger, the idiots who mocked the possibility of going unbeaten for a season, AFC did it.

The element who ate pies and roasts swilled beer, smoked before games, offended a foreigner came and showed them up and challenged and won.

Football Neanderthals who practise chokeholds or who cried for a 10 years because Thierry Henry was too good for him, who despise skill, education, strategy, and think kicking people is better

This is not football Charlie

A group epitomised by Allardyce, Stoke, Charlie Adam and now we can add Craig Burley. Non-achieving tw.ts whose felt threatened by Fancy Dan soft southern AFC.

A group stuck in the 1950s who think football is about crippling your opponents and preventing them playing by kicking/elbowing them

Many of whom are bullies, thugs on pitch and in changing rooms, who see Arsenal as foreign, soft, skilled, educated, cultured, everything they are not and they hate.

A club who did something no one else has, a manager who came and rubbed their modus operandi in the dirt it deserved to be

Then went on to rub their noses in their shit with doubles, unbeaten seasons, more FA Cups than any other manager, not been out top 4 in yonks, yes now it is time for change

Our fans have sat and put up with a lot- selling players, refs antics costing us titles and the team letting themselves, the manager and us down

Our board sat comfortable, not investing with an owner who seemingly ‘doesn’t give a monkeys’ about anything other than money, the manager left to his own devices.

However, The Arsenal are England’s 3rd most successful club, we are 4th from top today, not 4th from bottom, thought change is needed on pitch

Change is needed off pitch, but as fans, even those who wanted change eight years ago, are still here –  ‘We are The Arsenal’

Burley – Average player and failed pundit

So don’t come at us talking utter f..king boll..ks Craig Burley. You ex-chav non-achieving so badly you are on USA soccer ball telly knob.

We have put up with a lot and still stayed as Gooners, whether we like the current regime or not, we are still here and always will be

If we offended Charlie Adam and his media circle blocking him getting goal of the season good, you’re a thug, a cheat and a philistine, there is no validation for you dick.

If the rest of the talentless journeymen, ‘the never was’, are pissed AFC wrecked their bankrupt outdated football world then tough!

Troy Deeney – Less time in the carvery and prison fatty. Mills you were a talentless defender destroyed by Henry and stop crying you baby.

Cry Baby Mills

All of those “Man’s game it wasn’t a foul” on Bellerin, just take look at yourselves please because this is football not Australian rules.

All those “journos” (Liverpool, United and Middlesex fans) trying to witch hunt, abuse and hound Wenger out his job, show some respect.

It is not the “media’s” place to fire people, you pr.cks ruined the England team by hounding managers and players and who are you to have that right?

A bunch of freeloaders who watch football without paying on expenses and by the way your treatment and hypocrisy over Graham Taylor says it all

The Arsenal, an institution in English football will decide what to do not moribund odious oik ex crap players or the media.

Arsenal fans are divided, the pendulum is swinging but it is Arsenal’s decision not yours- hacks, freeloaders, or talentless cundits!

No one minds a reasonable debate, but those debating need to have credentials to contribute, not some joker who chokeholds players.

And when Arsenal/AW decide to change, show some respect to the man, club and us the fans, stop writing clickbait whoring crap.

Treat our club with the same reverence you have for United, Liverpool and Spurs – where are the 30/56yrs no league articles ????

Where are the articles looking at PGMOL and their relationship with certain clubs, and about 10 offside goals, Dean’s red cards, and Spurs cheating for penalties?

Another Spurs dive – Penalty given

Journos complain fans are disrespectful, yet you abuse certain clubs and managers whilst at the same time take cakes to suck up to some managers.

You employ fifth rate pundits that pour out bile and make up stereotypical crap based on FA 1950s footy beliefs for clickbait.

You come at fans who have sat through good, bad, seen best our players sold, and despite all the disappointment, are still here but you call us spineless and worse

However, you want our respect? Get real and get objective. Stop your love INS and club biases, stop crawling to some managers, stop click baiting, do your job, call out PGMOL, and earn respect.

FA call them out

Respect has to be earned and is not given as a right. You abuse players, managers, fans selectively for click bait and hits, whilst some of you have questionable habits of bullying after pub closing time on twitter.

AW has done great things at AFC, but it is time in my honest opinion for change and big change but it is for Arsenal, and our fans to decide, not you media hacks and pundits.

We were here before Arsene Wenger, during, and we and our kids will be here after him as well. We the fans are The Arsenal – media, cundits MYOB (mind your own business)

We want a lot more from our club and our team, many want change, we want to be the best, but we don’t accept attacks on us from pr..ks

We do not accept semi illiterate philistines of kick, hoof, huff puff, elbow, dinosaurs commenting or abusing AFC, Wenger or us.

Sorry about the rant, as much as I want change, Kroenke is to blame no one else. The media can absolutely go f..k themselves.

A Media full of Scouse , Manc, Middlesex plants rooted in the past desperately waiting to put the boot in to AFC, its fans and Arsene.

Whatever happens The Arsenal and our fans will be here, as will the team, to stick two fingers up to the sad backward out of touch culture at the FA, which the philistine hoof no skill thuggy long ball mob identify with, whether on the pitch playing non-violent decent attacking football, or off it challenging bullies, violence, racism and worse.

Thanks and Goodnight!


*mic drop*

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7 Responses to EXCLUSIVE – The BEST Rant at the Anti-Arsenal Media and Philistine Pundits EVER

  1. MarblehallsTV February 8, 2017 at 1:21 pm #

    Good article. Most of what the pundits say though are exactly the same things we fans say. We DO lack bottle, and have the same mistakes. I think they are too unimaginative in their critiques. But on Sky (Monday Night football/Soccer Saturday), BT Sport, BBC, ESPNFC, and the football writers, all say the same thing. And this is ex-Arsenal pundits who played with him (,e.g. Wright, Henry, Keown, Dixon) and even ex-Spurs (Lineker) say the same thing.

  2. Louise Riches February 8, 2017 at 1:37 pm #

    Love the rant.

    Really important that at least one pundit puts their head above the crowd and express concerns about brain injuries in players and how to avoid them – i.e. recognising that going in with the elbow or a high foot is foul. Two weeks in a row we have had both Koscienly and Bellerin put at risk. As a fan, we want our players to put their bodies on the line, and Arsenal players could do a bit more of this, but under no circumstances would I them want them to risk their mental health and future.

    Danny Mills is a fucking disgrace.

    Love Lulu

  3. Jimmy Balantyne February 8, 2017 at 1:53 pm #

    Oh, they must be right then eh?

  4. Martin February 8, 2017 at 2:07 pm #

    Brilliant ! About time someone said what the huge majority of true Arsenal fans feel not just a vociferous minority . Change maybe but have respect .

  5. Victor Thompson February 8, 2017 at 3:10 pm #

    Astounding by Lord Hill Wood. He is obviously passionate about the club. I cant decide whether he was being sarcastic or voicing his own opinion on Kroenke. I hope it was his opinion.

    I think most fans would agree with his criticism of pundits and Dein but the comments which I loved most were those regarding the foul on Bellerin. I agree with the comments made by Louise Riches above and I am still livid with the indifference of the media to what was a really nasty assault by Alonso. The stills of the incident clearly show the intent of Alonso written on his face and the position of his left arm deliberately aimed at Bellerin`s face is clearly intended to inflict damage. I am at a loss why even our fans have ignored the seriousness of this assault. I don`t dignify it by calling it a foul.

    This was not a foul which is a tactic used sometimes intentionally to interrupt the progress of the opponent or to prevent him from putting us in danger. It is rarely used with the intent of seriously injuring the opponent. This particular assault was even worse than Shawcross on Ramsey. Fortunately, the injury was not as serious as Ramsey`s but it could have been so much worse.

    That brings me back to the issue of football pundits and the man who I consider to be the worst of the lot. Alan Shearer sat in the BBC studio on Saturday night having seen the same evidence that I had, and he said “Was it a foul”? “No, it was never a foul; he acted aggressively”. So he ignored the evidence and endorsed a challenge that may well have been at worst fatal, and at best, extremely dangerous. We know now that Bellerin took several minutes to firstly regain consciousness and then to realise where he was and what had happened. I find his attitude to be that of a thug, just as Lord Hill Wood has described them.

    I am also at a loss to understand why Ian Wright did not take the matter up. He knows what the difference between a foul and an assault is. Was he afraid to disagree with thug/bully Shearer?

    Well done Lord Hill Wood.

  6. Tim Hargreaves February 8, 2017 at 7:25 pm #

    Well said Steve. We have no hope of investment from Kroenke. The big issue I (and many others) have is AW’s inability to adjust tactics based on opponents. How many games have the Club had where defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory?! How many games (particularly big games vs. Sp*rs, Chavski, etc.) have Arsenal gone out with the wrong tactical setup and gotten battered and have not been able to change tactics in the match?!

    Charlie Adam is the bubonic plague of the Premier League. Many Clubs despise him.


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