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Spineless Arsenal board are the reason for decline – nearly 14 years on from Highbury move

Arsenal’s 0-3 defeat to Manchester City on Sunday brought most people back down to earth following the amazing 9 minute spell which saw the Gunners end a nine-match barren run to win 3-1 at West Ham. It also highlighted just how bad things are. As many of the older generation reflect on how current day […]

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Is it bye bye?

Gazidis – From Arsenal to AC Milan? Cause to worry, or not? And Could Bobby Pires take a key role?

Arsenal to Milan, Emirates to San Siro?     Our long-standing CEO, Mr. Ivan Gazidis, is heavily rumoured to be leaving the club. This has been cited strongly by Sky Italy, as well as Bloomberg: Bloomberg: Ivan Gazidis to join AC Milan on 1 September #Arsenal — Daily Cannon (@DailyCannon) July 28, 2018   […]

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Ivan, Arsene, Chips and Josh Interview – Revealing? No!!

They don’t talk any more   Heh Ivan have you spoken to Stan? Not this year Heh Arsene have you spoken to Stan? Not for a while Heh Chips have you spoken to Stan? Not this year Heh Josh have you spoken to Dad? Knowing smile   Heh Ivan is a contract on the table? […]

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Highbury Didn’t Die For This – A Brutal Assessment by a Veteran Gooner

What is going on at our football club?! I’m a disgruntled season ticket holder who’s been going along to watch The Arsenal for over 50 years now and I’m finding it increasingly hard to justify paying over a £1,000 a season to watch a bunch of under-performing, pampered prima donnas. I can’t ever remember the […]

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Berlusconi - Football Visionary

Arsenal need a Berslusconi with Galliani and Braida NOT a Stan and Ivan with Chips!

Hello fellow Gooners – How did it feel to have an Arsenal-free weekend? Sadly enough, I almost enjoyed the peaceful, serene couple of days that the League Cup Final offered. Almost but not entirely as I like the Arsenal and football too much to enjoy this kind of weekends. Anyhoo…I had to give myself a long, […]

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Concerned Gooners – The 7th March: To Protest or not to Protest, that is the question

So, why the protest? “You’re all c.nts.” “Eff off and support Spurs.” “You’re negativity will upset the players.” “Nothing will come of it anyway.” “I’m gonna smash your face in!” Indeed, why protest! Personally, as you can see from the above, I have nothing to gain from it, bar a load of abuse or a […]

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What do we do?

What do we do with a Problem like Stan Kroenke? Is there actually any Succession Plan?

My timeline reached fever pitch (no pun intended) last week after the total capitulation in Munich, with a raging debate on whether or not it is time for Arsene Wenger to call it a day at The Arsenal. Personally, I feel the time is right for him to hand over the reins for somebody else […]

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Stan. Ivan and Chips

Nobody on the Arsenal Board has made a Footballing Decision without Wenger – Can we Trust them to do it now?

Chelsea 3-1, Bayern Munich 5-1. As an Arsenal fan, I hate February! How crazy is it to be an Arsenal fan, especially after 2006? You get stick from everyone around you, some people who don’t even know Arsene Wenger come up and tell you “Wenger out” because of some idiot like Adrian Durham. To be […]

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The begining of the end when DD left?


As I sit writing this, Twitter is in full meltdown. The toxicity between fans either for or against Arsene Wenger is at an all-time high. I don’t want to see Arsene tarnishing his legacy, but that’s what it’s come to. I wanted him to go out in glory winning the FA Cup either in 2014 […]

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Silent at AGM as always - Alarm Bells?

Immediate Post AGM thoughts – Stan Kroenke, Silent and Deadly??

Hi everyone. I’ve been a bit silent recently due to having some issues with my internet. However, as I am writing this, Arsenal is having its Annual General Meeting, with members of the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust in attendance. Everything you read in my blog after this is purely my own opinion and not that of […]

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