Arsene – How can a team you have NOT Mentally Prepared Mentally Collapse? Enough is Enough!

A Broken shadow of the man he was

Bayern 5-1 Arsenal. Enough is Enough, Time To Go.

June, 2013. Ivan Gazidis: “In a couple of years, We WILL be able to compete at a level like a club such as Bayern Munich.”

November 2015. Bayern Munich 5-1 Arsenal. February 2017. Bayern Munich 5-1 Arsenal.

How much longer are people going to sit there and take the constant disgraceful lies and drivel that come out of our clubs mouth’s? How much longer can anyone defend the totally indefensible? Our club has become a farce and is truly the laughing stock of European Football.

Fed the lines by Ivan with no substance

From top to bottom, this club has fallen apart. We moved to the Emirates to become and compete with “super clubs”, lads, we have NEVER been further away.

Miles off the in the league, embarrassed yet again in the last 16 of the champions league. Year after year, same old Arsenal. It’s beyond a joke now. People have lost the will to care. We should be livid after a spanking like that, but we are all numb to it now. Hard to get angry and the same issue for this long anymore.

People say “the players have to take responsibility”. NO. No, no and no. Not anymore. He has had 13 years of building teams, where the players have completely changed, yet the same performances, results and weaknesses appear in all these players. Why is Mesut Ozil not performing? Why is he allowed to stroll over the pitch all game? Martin Keown, who knows a bit about Arsenal described the German currently as a expensive luxury and this is a man who played with Bergkamp for 9 years. Because he knows he will face no repercussions from the manager, will still be paid handsomely and will still start next week without doubt. He won’t face a b*ll*cking from the manager in the dressing room. There is no fear of the manager, no fear of failure. There is nothing there in this team anymore. As Rio Ferdinand said last night, “your team is normally a reflection of your manager”, a truer word has never been spoken. Frail, Weak, No Leadership & All over the place.

Why is Ozil not at his best?

From the Gallas team, to the Fabregas years, to the RVP years. Same issues, same mentality, same god damn failure. Totally different XIs, EXACTLY the same seasons. You can no longer blame these players. Arsene Wenger is failing to get the best out of his players. He is failing to tactically beat the world’s top teams and managers. It was he that gave the half time team talk when we were in a position to bring them back to the Emirates with it being game on, yet 10 minutes after the break the tie has GONE. What on earth was said?! Arsene Wenger is not capable of installing belief or mental strength in these players. He constantly quips “Mentally we collapsed”, “we were not mentally prepared”. THAT IS YOUR JOB. You are paid £8.9million a year to prepare your team and players. Why do we always crumble in big games when we go behind. How many other top teams have constantly suffered 8-2, 6-0, 5-1, 6-2 defeats every single year. This isn’t a one off, it’s a regular occurrence. Embarrassing.

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We are a ghost of our former self. Pace, power, aggression, none of the exists in this squad anymore. It is Arsene’s squad; there is nobody else who can carry the can and the buck stops firmly with him. If you think the players are not good enough, that is his fault. If you believe it is all about mental strength, well that comes from Arsene. If you think our tactics are dated and poor, that is Arsene. How can you not get a tune out of a player like Mesut Ozil? Poor, Management.

His legacy is tarnished, he won’t be remembered how he could and should have been. I am so done with it now all my love for him has seeped out of me and is almost empty. I didn’t ask for this, or want it to end this way. Where do we go from here? The once mighty, has well and truly fallen.

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