Stats Don’t Lie: Arsenal are Sideways Passing themselves into Oblivion

The stats don’t lie

A rework of Example’s 2011 tune ‘Skies don’t lie’

Possession high
Passes run dry
Seasons die
And the stats don’t lie

This basically sums it all up !!!!!

Possession: 23% vs 77%
Passes: 224 vs 743
Score: 3 – 1

3 times the possession, 3 times the passes, -3 times the goals. The stats don’t lie.


Our defence has gone from a Full Zonal Marking System to a Full Frontal Lobotomy System.
Kos moves to the front post, the rest of the defence follow like lemmings, the attackers amble to the back post unchallenged and score.

Simples !!!!!


Our midfield is becoming more David Battyesque by the day.
We may have had 77% possession and execute 734 passes, but when 90% of those passes are 5 yards long and sideways, they are not going to challenge any half decent Championship side.


When we get to the final third we have one attacking option.
Alexis picks the ball up on the left, cuts inside, Alexis then plays the ball between the right back and centre back, Monreal overlaps, picks up the ball and plays a low ball across the 6 yard box.

That’s it and if that doesn’t work, we sit on the edge of the box, racking up our passing and possession numbers.

The stats don’t lie, you just need to read them correctly.



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