With Jens Lehmann and his new signings is Wenger addressing Arsenal’s Mentality Problem

Jens a Winner and no Yes man

Wenger is finally tackling Arsenal’s main problem Mentality

 Arsenal have been for the best part of a decade, saddled with the labels of underachievers and weak mentally, yet consisting of some of the best players around. Many pundits have questioned the players’ mentality, saying it is all about Mentality and not about talent, there are no leaders etc. Etc.

I’m sure you’ve heard these claims at least once in the past few years by now, but after all these years and indeed claims of catalyst for change what is Arsene Wenger doing to change it?

Steely Eyed Winner

Well you will be pleasantly surprised to hear the stubborn Wenger is actually tackling the problem finally. Arsenal’s two signings so far are Sead Kolasinac and Alexandre Lacazette, players known for not only their skills but also a steely mentality. Kolasinac for instance is a player as much known for being a tank as he is for being a complete fighter, he never gives up on the pitch or off it. What can you say about Lacazette? He is a true competitor; you only have to see his goal celebration against Roma this past season to see he is a full-blooded winner.

After scoring winner v Roma

Even looking at potential targets, players like Thomas Lemar, Riyad Mahrez and Juan Caudrado, they are proven winners, players with gold in their cabinets. When you look at Thomas Lemar especially you see a player hungry for success, as hard working as talented and it seems that is now the template for targets at Arsenal going forward.


Another way Arsene Wenger is tackling the mentality problem is by installing Jens Lehmann as a first team coach at Arsenal. The charismatic and mercurial German will be very visible during training sessions and in the dugout going forward. One thing you can say about Lehmann is he is not a yes man nor will he accept any player giving less than 100% as I feel we witnessed on occasions we saw last season.

Don’t mess with Jens

In conclusion with new coaching drilling a tougher, harder winning mentality into players, new players bringing that mentality, it seems Wenger is also showing he is here for a fight. Are these now the times for everything to click at Arsenal?

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  1. katy September 2, 2017 at 7:40 am #

    Jens Lehmann best goal keeper in the world i love you

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