Danny Impresses and an English Ale Returns – Tales from the Wenger’s Head

Welcome to the only place where you can read the inside track on the goings on Inside Wenger’s Head. It has been an interesting week I can tell you..

The landlord has been very supportive of a barman called Danny. He is often off sick for long periods and even when he is working, he is very clumsy and tends to make mistakes with his drinks or spills them. The truth is that punters respect the fact he works hard when he is here but they remain unconvinced he will ever make a top barman. However, last Saturday, he surprised everyone by hardly making a mistake and then going all Tom Cruise and making two perfect cocktails. His perfect shift had given the boss a headache, as the regulars may wish to see the Latin American barman who is available for Sunday’s shift. I guess that why he is paid the big bucks by the American brewery to make these decisions.

Danny went all Tom Cruise

Danny went all Tom Cruise

There was a hectic night midweek, which I can safely say the Pub was ill prepared for. As a venue, it has been packed on Wednesdays in the past and we have coped but it was simply not ready for an invasion of German tourists on a Thursday. In the end, many found themselves locked out and those that did get in certainly upset the locals.  The landlord had brought in extra staff but this did not help early doors, as many of them had not worked together before. It was made worse by, as has become his way, by him asking the staff to do jobs to which they were unaccustomed.

German Tourists locked out

Amazingly, it was his indecision on the rear bar stools, mentioned last week, which came to the rescue. He has started the evening with three stools but it was his reversion to the old four bar stools half way through the evening that made the difference. One other stool who has been stuck out of the left of the lounge bar was moved into the central bar and it looked far more at home there.

Jack The Lad

However, it was not only the bar stool switching that improved things for the Wenger’s Head regulars on Thursday, it was the return of an old favourite. This pedigree English Ale, Jack The Lad, had not been served up to the punters for well over a year. A delicate, fragile beer that needs to be well looked after and treated with special care but boy when this brew is its best it has taste to savour. Certainly if this classy North London beer is treated well, it will be a popular re-introduction with most of the regulars and I have little doubt it can improve the Wenger’s Head customer experience.

Back Bar Stool Dilemma remains in Wenger’s Head

Well that enough gossip from the Wenger’s Head for this week. We have a busy Sunday lunchtime session to prepare for and we are still none the wiser as to whether to have to rearrange the bar stools back to three or whether the landlord will leave the back bar as it is now with four comfortable stools.

Back with more tales from your favourite strange pub soon….

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  1. Graham perry September 17, 2017 at 9:15 am #

    Terrific again. You are in to something. Maybe The Wengers Head I/o Wengers Head.

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