This Christmas will Arsenal’s Wise Men pay to keep their Bright Shining Ozil Star


It is almost Christmas and our minds are cast back to its origins. The first people who beheld the portent of the good news at Christmas were the three wise men who followed a star to the scene of the nativity.

Are we now seeing our own star in the shape of one Mezut Ozil. He may be a Muslim and therefore definitely not the biblical equivalent, but he certainly appears to be a portent of good fortune for Arsenal. The question is; are Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis wise enough to appreciate the value of our star. Are they our wise men?

Ozil has admittedly gone through a torrid time during which he did not appear to be any kind of star. Whatever the reason for his re-birth, there is no denying that in his most recent games he has shone like no other. Last night I watched him take the game against Huddersfield by the scruff of the neck and dismantle them with an exquisite performance of skill, delicacy and a sublime touch that we have not seen since Bergkamp.

He was everywhere

He was all over the place, popping up at both sides and both ends, tackling, sprinting to make tackles or to try to score. I know Huddersfield are not in the upper echelons of the Premiership, but they have played well against much higher ranked teams using astute defensive positioning and with a fair slice of good football. They are the type of team which has hitherto caused us trouble. They tried to nullify Ozil by double marking him and clattering him from time to time, but frankly they could not contain him because of his marathon like stamina and sublime skill.

He is probably the best player in the league at receiving the ball and controlling it with one touch. Last night he showed that ability in the tightest of spots and he played 4 exquisite passes on his charge towards their goal whilst piercing their defence with rapier precision to score in my view, the best goal of the night, including Mr. Rooney`s.

It was slightly unfortunate for Lacazette, Ramsey, Sanchez and Kos and Mustafi, that well though they played, they were eclipsed by his stellar display. Rather than me trying to describe the beauty of his contribution to Arsenal history, I would implore you to watch a repeat of the match and just enjoy 90 minutes of talent only matched in the finest operas. This was truly a classic performance in a discipline which classic lovers would not recognise but nevertheless, if judged by the fees his like command, is no less uplifting. Watch a master of his art while you can because if he plays like this from now till the end of the season, we may not be fortunate enough to see it again. Those of you with season tickets have the security of knowing that performances like this will make the cost of your ticket well worth paying.

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