A New Wenger Protest Idea that might really make Stan take notice – #Turnaround

Here is my idea….


As reported by Jeremy Wilson this week, the board are considering the fans apathy as part of the reason for a coaching change.

Fans voting with feet anyway


If true, the fans do have a voice.


If true, then Gazidis’ words in 2011 may be real…

“Arsene is ultimately accountable to the fans; they ultimately make judgement,” he pledged at an Arsenal Supporters’ Trust meeting following Stan Kroenke’s ascension to majority shareholder at the club.

“If you are seeing the relationship between the fans and the manager break down, that is unsustainable.”

I am personally not a fan of just whining. In the modern era, we have multiple ways to get our point across if we want change.


Therefore, here is an idea….


Turn round for a coaching change’ to the tune of ‘ 1 nil to the Arsenal’


Fans simply turn around and sing.

Has to be sung during game, most likely when we are losing or playing with no heart because Wenger is in stadium.


Sing when we’re losing

Wenger does not see protests/placards, as he has gone 5 seconds after whistle.


This #turnround campaign is

  1. a) Free
  2. b) Cannot be confiscated or stopped by stewards
  3. c) It is easy
  4. d) It has to realistically be for about 10 seconds (or fans will turn back if AFC attack)
  5. e) It is visual, vocal and unique so the media would be more interested in talking about it and printing pictures of it. In addition, it would flood social media.
  6. f) It also does not exclude fans who cannot (for some reason) bring themselves to say the words ‘Wenger Out’


You can imagine the pictures on social media of a block of 2000 fans mostly all turned around. Would be back page headlines too.

It is the Poznan, but you get the idea!

It is the Poznan, but you get the idea!
Ideally, you would not mess with players trying to win the game but I think this is only way that works, unfortunately.

Free and easy and can be repeated.

Do I feel guilty for suggesting this?

Well, does Arsene feel guilty for staying on beyond his ability to be a benefit?


Send me your thoughts


Mike McDonald


Editor’s Note – Gunners Town is an open platform with no enforced house view or censor. Our writers have their views and these are not always the views of the editorial team. Fans will make their own views on protests and if anyone wishes to put forward an article in support of Wenger, this would also be posted.

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2 Responses to A New Wenger Protest Idea that might really make Stan take notice – #Turnaround

  1. Dominic April 19, 2018 at 9:01 am #

    Another way would be to boycott Arsenal products. A drop in sales at the shop would hit Stan’s finances while the fans could continue to support the team.

  2. Gooner 1 April 19, 2018 at 9:47 am #

    Well the way you guys are suggesting things are absolutely stupid … the day is not that far when someone would be suggesting , shoot wenger in the head at point blank , it is the only way to get rid of him … let him spend about 100 million or more on defense only like guardiola , or spend 75 million on a defensive rock like klopp did , or spend numerous amounts of money on defenders who then end up sitting on the bench a’la mourinho ,, and then we’l compare … and if you bring up tottenham in between all of it ,, first let tottenham atleast win an FA cup

Your thoughts?

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