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It is the Poznan, but you get the idea!

A New Wenger Protest Idea that might really make Stan take notice – #Turnaround

Here is my idea….   As reported by Jeremy Wilson this week, the board are considering the fans apathy as part of the reason for a coaching change.   If true, the fans do have a voice.   If true, then Gazidis’ words in 2011 may be real… “Arsene is ultimately accountable to the fans; […]

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It's time

No Excuses left Wenger – You are killing my club and my passion for it. Please leave

It is nothing-personal Arsene. I will always appreciate everything you have achieved for Arsenal Football Club, which is considerable, winning more trophies than any previous Arsenal manager has done. Nevertheless, it really is time you handed over the reins to somebody else. It sounds like Arsene Wenger in no mood to relinquish his job next […]

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We wait

As Anger turns to Apathy is the ‘Long Wait’ for Arsenal without Wenger nearly over?

WE WAIT The one thing you cannot accuse any Arsenal fan of is impatience. I told a friend that I am an Arsenal fan and the first thing she said was that “I guess you are used to heartbreaks then”. I think that is the narrative among non-Arsenal football fans. But the reality is that […]

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Why it should be ‘Kroenke Out’ and not ‘Wenger Out’ – As the Former brings the Latter Anyway

Trouble at the top Firstly, it’s been a long time since I have written anything about The Arsenal, so many thanks to the guys at Gunners Town for at least entertaining the idea. While some people are happy to create those huge threads on twitter, I am much happier putting pen to paper, as it […]

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Redirect your hate,  Kroenke Out

Redirect your hate,  Kroenke Out I know that GunnersTown isn’t a political beast, but it’s a forum I write on, so I am going to take this opportunity. Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, launched ‘My Outdoor TV’ in the United Kingdom over the weekend and as far as I am concerned, Arsenal should not, in anyway, […]

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He takes the criticism so he must also get the credit

Wenger In or Wenger Out being Positive The Arsenal is what it is all about!

Wenger – different values? We all know by now he’s staying. I posted prior in another article that I want him gone, but I still respect what he’s done for us. His influence at Arsenal is truly eternal. But I’ve been thinking about something. Is the reason why Wenger Ins and Wenger Outs differ due […]

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EXCLUSIVE WEXIT UPDATE – The Wenger Out Campaign has gone Global but now it is SERIOUS!!

The Wenger Out campaign is now getting serious !!! First there were protests outside The Emirates Then there were protests in The Emirates Then there were protests on The Emirates Then there we protest over Birmingham Then in Rome In Thailand In Kenya And here in Australia But now it’s getting really serious……. Steve WellmanEnglish […]

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Being a Gunner used to be so much Funner

But here and now things aren’t so grand Wenger in or out we make our stand There’s a bloke with a banner You may think him a spanner Thanks for the memories but please don’t stay We thought you special but you’ve had your day Or stick to your guns, enough respect May as well […]

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No penny pinching on my salary

Arsene Wenger IN or Arsene Wenger OUT? – Part 1- Wenger Out

Last week I talked about how our targets for next season would pan out if we were to lose the title this season, and as promised in that piece I am back with another question that is soon going to become pretty big in the ultra-divisive Arsenal fan circuit: Do Arsenal need Arsene Wenger to […]

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