No room for Sentimentality in Emery’s New Arsenal as we correctly say farewell to Jack Wilshere

It was not too long ago that the club were promoting the word ‘forward’ as part of an attempted reintroduction of one of the clubs first recorded mottos. Now that Arsene has gone and Unai Emery has been installed as his successor, it is finally starting to feel like that is the direction that we are heading in.

One of the more frequent criticisms aimed in the direction of Arsene, was that he was far too loyal towards his underachieving players and perhaps made decisions based on sentiment alone at times. With the announcement that Jack Wilshere is soon to depart, Emery has shown that this is unlikely to be the case under his management and personally, I am all for it.

Understandably, the majority of Arsenal supporters have a lot of affection towards Jack. However, if you remove the anti-Spurs songs he sang at FA Cup victory parades from your analysis and form your judgement of his contribution over the last four seasons or so, solely on what he has done on the pitch, the reality is that he has offered us very little.

Some supporters will point out that he featured in thirty-eight of our games last season. In those appearances, my opinion is that he only impressed in five or six of them. Jack of course was not the only player who under performed but in the second half of the season, he looked off the pace to me and appeared to have lost his trademark ability to drive himself and the team forward.

Farewell Jack

I have no animosity towards Jack and wish him well in the future but given the choice of retaining him or Aaron Ramsey, without any hesitation whatsoever, my choice would be the latter. Despite Aaron’s critics, there is no competition whatsoever when it comes to a comparison of the two players contributions to the club on the pitch.

Since the news of his imminent departure emerged, several Arsenal supporters have angrily argued that Jack was not given a fair chance, in terms of game time, last season. Total nonsense, he started twenty seven times in all competitions. Wilshere may well deliver elsewhere but who in their right mind would guarantee him a place in the Arsenal starting eleven based on his recent form?

In all honesty, although they are different types of players, I was more impressed by Ainsley Maitland-Niles than Wilshere, the longer the season progressed. He certainly looked the stronger and more mobile of the two in the latter stages of the campaign. It appears to those of us outside the club, that Jack did not get the playing time assurances he was seeking and decided against staying to fight for his place. Although there could be more to it.

AMN the future

Perhaps this tells its own story about where he is at as a player, especially considering his supposed character traits. Some supporters may see him as ‘Mr Arsenal’ but being ‘one of us’ is not a valid reason for anyone to be given regular game time. If it were, then Carl Jenkinson would play every week, whilst captaining the side. After all, there is no bigger Arsenal fan in our current playing squad, than Carl. I quite fancy a run out too.

For years, we have been crying out for Wenger to be replaced by a manager who is not afraid to make big decisions that could potentially upset the apple cart. I hope that we now have one in Emery. I have liked what I have seen so far in the new era and I am looking forward to the new season more than I have done in years. I wanted to see changes and I am seeing them.

The signings of the experienced Stephan Lichtsteiner and goalkeeper Bernd Leno have been confirmed. They are reportedly soon to be joined by centre back Sokratis Papastathopoulos and defensive midfielder Lucas Torreira. If this is true, then the team’s deficiencies appear to have been quickly identified by those in the new set up.

New addition and upgrade

Well, I say quickly but in truth, they have been obvious to most of us for quite some time. Only time will tell if these players are capable of addressing those deficiencies.
My views on David Ospina have been well documented. Fingers crossed that Leno’s arrival will be the end of his Arsenal career.
Despite the protestations of some fans to the contrary, he has been an accident waiting to happen since his arrival and he will be one until his departure.

Although none of the signings, or potential new signing, are likely to make many sit up and take the notice, Emery’s first task is to make more organised defensively and therefore harder to beat. I am optimistic he will do that. Those who know me will be aware, I was not sentimental when Arsene left and will not be when Wilshere leaves either. Provided Leno is not the German equivalent, I’ll be throwing a party when Ospina does. That’s a joke of course but you get the picture……

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5 Responses to No room for Sentimentality in Emery’s New Arsenal as we correctly say farewell to Jack Wilshere

  1. Victor Thompson June 22, 2018 at 11:15 am #

    I stated 2 years ago that Jack had lost his burst of speed and he could not break away from concentrated defences as he used to do. I believed that his time at Arsenal was over then, but I hoped to be proved wrong. Unfortunately this season proved that he cannot recover his past abilities and I agree with you that he did not show that he was entitled to be on the starting 11.

    I am desperately sorry for Jack and even more so for the club. Jack was that rare diamond; a local boy made good, and a died in the wool Arsenal supporter. Those are rare gems these days.

    Like you I am enthused by the start Emery has made. I agree that we have not bought any `galacticos` but I do see the short term value of Leichsteiner. He is still a competent defender and he is a vastly experienced one. He can hopefully share some of his experience with the undisciplined rabble we have had the misfortune to watch throwing games away for the last 4 or 5 seasons. We have enough attacking threat to damage most teams and now we may have a solid platform to build from.

    The real question I have from Emery`s decisions is the fact that he has retained Steve Bould as our defensive coach. Unless there are factors which were invisible to me, I could not see any contribution Bould made from the bench other than to be an advertisement for Wrigley`s chewing gum.

  2. Jim Lloyd June 22, 2018 at 12:12 pm #

    I agree wholeheartedly with the writer of this article..and while some people are supporting this view and others calling for the new managers head for allowing Jack to ..there is still the option for Jack Wilsher to sign the contract on offer..stay at Arsenal FC.and fight for his place.. So nobody is making him’s his choice.

  3. Dexter June 22, 2018 at 1:46 pm #

    The new man and signings deserve our patience and support. Along with the rest of the team!

    Good bye Jack and thanks for the memories. He should’ve left after his Bournemouth loan.

    Wenger, as much as I admire and respect him, allowed the team to go into numerous campaigns I’ll equipped in terms of personnel and preparation.

    Why that was is anyone’s guess.

    • James Parkins June 22, 2018 at 4:22 pm #

      Who isn’t being patient and backing the new manager or players? Only the wengerites I suspect. Another spot on article that is bang on the money. JW was ruined by le fraud like so many if you ask me.

  4. Alex Field June 23, 2018 at 11:44 am #

    Bloody glass ankle fool needed to go but the old fool did ruin most players imho

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