Emery lost his Bottle, Selfies and Discipline – Arsenal Christmas News round-up

It’s time for another news round-up.

These are just some thoughts on the happenings around the club lately, both on and off the pitch.

It’s both a serious and jesty look at what has been going on at the club we all love.


Emery has the bottle…


Our manager, Senor Emery, has been charged by the FA for kicking a bottle into the stand at the Amex Stadium, during our 1-1 draw there.

One can understand why the FA did this. But then nobody was injured, and I doubt he would do this intentionally. He himself said in the Liverpool pre-match conference that he didn’t, and he has apologised. Any ban would be harsh, as things are done in the heat of the moment. And why would he mean to do this? It makes little sense.

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A touchline ban may not be so bad. He could still pass on info at half-time, and it would be similar to what happened to Wenger in the past few seasons. But the FA should account for both his intention and result. The fan who supposedly got hit by the bottle has accepted his apology, so the matter should be closed. And I’m not citing this because he’s our manager. No manager of any club should be punished for an incident that is not resulting in harm. It’s like being accused of a crime – the facts of the case, and the resultant effects, need to be accounted for to ensure a fair sentence is given. The same rationale, ideally, should apply in FA hearings.




A few days before Christmas, it was said Mkhitaryan is out for six weeks. Damn. Yes, he hasn’t performed to his optimum, but he still is scoring goals lately. But is there a reason for these injuries? Or is it merely a case of having too long-term injuries that have biased our thinking here? Welbeck and Holding will both out for months apiece. But our other injuries tend to be short-term at best, like with Mustafi, Monreal, etc. Bellerin may be back in January, for one.

Mkhi is out injured for a while.

Our injury league table position is high, but then the long-term injuries do skew this. Often, this is calculated on injury days. And if we have several short-term injuries, coupled with long-term knocks for Welbz and Holding, then our overall rating would be high.

That said, the record did improve under the latter Wenger period, vis a vis 2012 or 2013, so it could just be a spike. Or bad luck on our part.

Either way, it’s a worrying trend, and it could be a negative emanating from a positive. We’re clearly working hard both on the pitch and on training, and this could be a natural toll in this regard. Either way, it’s moot to suggest that the good work laid down under Wenger is being reversed. With the monies outlaid to keep our training ground amongst the best on Earth, and the installation of Dr. Burgess amongst others, it would be an immense regression.


Poch/Rose – selfies


Spurs defender Rose said that he wanted revenge on us since we were celebrating like we won the league after we beat them. I guess he and his club have had to wait a very long time for this, right?

This goes down amongst a long list of comically hypocritical and frankly dumb critiques Spurs-associated people make of us. His own manager said, “take selfies when you win trophies and not for beating us”….well Mr. Poch, we did:


Image result for arsenal fa cup selfies

It’s just bad for Tottenham that smartphone penetration wasn’t as big in 2008, that’s all. Whether selfies would have looked as good on an early generation iPhone or a Blackberry, is moot.

Oh, but what is this?:

Image result for tottenham dressing room selfie 2018

Tottenham hasn’t won a trophy since 2008, so this must have been celebrating a Kane hat-trick or Man of the Match award or something. Why are your players defying your own instructions, Mr. Pochettino?

The lengths Spurs go to discredit Arsenal will never cease to both amaze, and amuse, me.




Staying on the Tottenham theme, albeit with less mockery given the seriousness, The Sun stated that our club has identified the fan who threw the bottle at Dele Alli.

Rivalry aside, this cannot be condoned at all. But The Sun has said that the perpetrator was a kid. I don’t like this paper at all – but then if it IS a child, this raises deeper issues. Would the kid get banned for life? Is this fair? And would the child’s parents and/or guardians be responsible? What if the child was accompanying the game with a parent of his or her friends, or is the niece/nephew, or grandchild, or an attending fan? In either of these cases, the adult wouldn’t have direct nor necessarily automatic legal control over the child. Most kids know it’s wrong to throw things at people. But then a mistake at a young age shouldn’t have this level of consequence, should it (,i.e. a life ban)?

I think the club should make a stand here, but if this story is accurate, then it does add a layer of complexity in its resolution.



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  1. Ese Agboaye December 28, 2018 at 1:18 pm #

    I honestly can’t get my head around why people criticise players for taking post-match pictures. We’re in a completely different generation to the pre-smartphone era. Either go hard, or go home.

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